Duffel Bag Trolley on the gold cart

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This readout works in the same manner as that of a car. Similarly, if you wish to stop a Motocaddy S3 Digital electric gold trolley, you need to tap again. The distance can be increased by multiples of 5 yards. This control panel displays distance, time, speed and speed setting, and battery meter. The gold cart provides other useful information such as battery level of Backpack Trolley  your cart, time, and speed setting. It is fast becoming popular as it is easy to maneuver and looks very attractive. You no longer need to guess the distance covered by your ball. There is a full color digital control panel on the golf cart.The Motocaddy S3 Digital is not an ordinary golf cart.

For example, if you wish to control the speed of this Motocaddy S3 Digital, you just need to twist the speed controller to a desired speed and gently tap it. The Motocaddy S3 Digital also consists of an exclusive S-Series folding system that locks it when it is folded. The third readout is a fixed readout as it cannot be reset. There is a special Cartlock, a security pin code that protects your precious Motocaddy S3 Digital from thieves. Similarly, once you have reached your ball, the Motocaddy S3 Digital can measure the distance of how far you have exactly ripped the ball beyond that 150 yard mark. This feature is included so that your gold cart is able to conform to the rules of golf. The user is allowed to reset any of the three distance readout at any point of time. The Motocaddy S3 Digital also consists of an Adjustable distance Control feature.

This feature allows you to send your gold cart to any distance between 5 and 60 yards. It also counts every single yard that you cross with Motocaddy S3 Digital. This is called the lifetime readout that shows exactly how many miles have been covered by your Motocaddy S3 Digital. For example, when the user has reached the best drive of a day, the Motocaddy S3 Digital can measure the same with complete accuracy. When you are on the move and are travelling, the electric golf cart displays your current speed.The Motocaddy S3 Digital offers three distance readouts. This unique golf cart has a whisper quiet motor that has the power of 200 watts.

You can also use one of the readouts to check the distance of your complete round.The control panel of the Motocaddy S3 Digital gold cart is miniature in size and it is situated on the handle of the trolley. If you wish to use you Motocaddy S3 Digital during the competitions as well, you can use the Competition Mode that automatically disables distance display Duffel Bag Trolley on the gold cart. The functions of Motocaddy S3 Digital are so simple that even a new user can easily use it.Some other important features of Motocaddy S3 Digital gold cart include USB charging port that provides power to GPS devices used on the course.

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