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Using an air purifier for pet parrots is as essential as fresh water and food

2017-07-11 11:10:49 | 日記

Using an air purifier for pet parrots is as essential as fresh water and food. But not all cleaners are created equal. Some will get the job done safely and effectively. Here are 5 features to look for in a filtration system that will not compromise your bird's safety.

Steel Casing---Having the case made of steel protects your pet in several ways. Many parrots have incredibly strong beaks, and some are more prone to chewing than others. Chewing is a natural way for them to sharpen their beaks, but it can also become more intense because of emotional issues.

But whatever the reason, a steel case can withstand all that they can give. This prevents them from being able to break off pieces and choke or cut themselves on sharp edges. Some plastic cases may literally cave in under the strong jaws of you parrot.

Unless filtration is constant air quality will fall. The increase in temperature by motor heat often causes the plastic to emit noxious fumes. And because birds are incredibly sensitive to gases and odors, this could cause grave health issues. Steel will not emit fumes when it is heated by the motor.

HEPA Filtration---High efficiency particle arresting filtration is safe for birds and humans because it produces zero ozone or ionized particles. This means cleaner air for you and your pet all the time.

Experts still can't seem to agree on how much or how little ozone is harmful. However, the state of California has banned purifiers that emit any ozone.

Studies have shown that ionized particles can stick to each other in airways and eventually clog passages making disease and infection able to get started more easily.

HEPA filtration is efficient and safe. This type of filter can remove airborne particles that are .3 microns or greater with 99.97% efficiency. This is important for all birds, but is particularly helpful for powder-down parrots such as African Greys, Cockatoos, and Cockatiels who shed tons of white bird dust.

Split Capacitor Motor---This type of motor is designed for high and continuous revolutions per minute. The benefit is that it does not need to rest or need a time out periodically to cool off. This motor in a unit means that it can run while you are there or away, and will literally keep the dust and dander down to a level that allows the air quality to stay healthy all the time.

Carbon Cloth---Originally designed by the British Military as a response to chemical warfare, this is an incredibly useful filter to have in your cleaner. It offers dual advantages. Because it's made of Filter Plates Manufacturers carbon it will remove gaseous odors and chemicals which can have such devastating health consequences. And yet it can also eliminate additional particles because it's woven like a cloth.

360 Degree Intake---A cleaner that has the ability to pull air from all sides gives you the most flexibility on placement. As long as there is about 6 inches of clearance the unit can be placed in a corner under a counter and out of the way.

This means it does not have to be in the center of the room to work effectively. Its flexibility in placement will allow you to make your bird room functional while being safe and attractive.. Having it work well from anywhere in your room will help prevent drafts on your birds.

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