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The different ways of wearing and the meaning of the ring now understand

2017-03-20 18:27:04 | 日記
The ring is a jewelry that expresses love, and gradually, began to appear all sorts of rings, people wear a ring is not just to show whether they have married or engaged, but for fashion with. However, the ring wearing different fingers in fact have their own meaning, different wear law will also reflect the individual's character, look at the different ways to wear the ring what meaning it
 Left hand ring finger In general, is in love, or married people will wear a van cleef arpels alhambra ring replica on the left hand, because the right hand is said to be good luck, and ring finger is connected with the heart, represents the sacred commitment The This is why the wedding ring to wear in the left ring finger reasons. Then the wedding ring and engagement ring and should be worn in which finger? Some people say that is worn on the middle finger, but the time to marry him, or more people choose to wear on the left hand replica van cleef arpels vintage ring finger, because the ring finger is representative of the love of the agreement. In love in the middle, you can put the ring on the left middle finger.
Dr: The happiness of the ring finger on the thumb If it is a single person, it is recommended to wear the ring in the right hand. Few people wear the ring on the thumb, because the thumb on the ring is a symbol of right, a kind of oppression. Powerful people will be more inclined to use a big gem to highlight their own forces. And wear the right hand index finger, the general will be more independent personality, character is more cheerful, will be easy to get along. The following are the same as the "
 In addition to ring finger for the wedding cheap replica van cleef arpels alhambra ring, the middle finger on the ring will make you more attractive, it is the need to pass love, eager to love the mentality, and the best to create a free atmosphere.
Little finger put the ring on the little finger is the most distinctive personality interesting people. They will have a lot of endless flash inspiration, have their own small thoughts and small ideas. If the girls wear a small tail ring, the moment will become cute cute up. The following are the same as the "
For more people, the ring is the symbol of love and the carrier, and inlaid on the ring above the diamond represents the eternal. Lovers like to use a diamond ring to express their love of the unswerving.
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