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Bought a rare platinum wholesale and retail ring is not good care, no wonder not love the treasure

2017-06-13 15:02:37 | 日記
A small ring, but it is the representative of love. The ring is like love, if not cherish, it will lose its original glory, so that the original long life becomes short and light. How to care for platinum replica Van Cleef Arpels butterfly bracelet, will let the ring distribute the most beautiful light it? Platinum ring care principle, to ensure that the platinum ring is not damaged, bright luster always bloom.
  Platinum ring shiny bright, by the majority of women's favorite, but wearing a long time, platinum luster will slowly darken. Platinum ring care, first of all to keep the ring from damage, do not wear platinum replica van cleef arpels alhambra necklace and gold jewelry and diamond jewelry at the same time wear. To avoid the texture of soft gold and platinum friction, the gold powder will be adsorbed on platinum, platinum rings yellow, affecting the original luster and pure ring. Is the texture of hard diamond jewelry at the same time wear friction when each other scratches. In the platinum ring is not wearing, the ring should be placed alone in the jewelry box or soft leather pocket, to avoid loss and other jewelry friction damage.
     The second to keep the platinum ring always bright luster, must be promptly cleaned. You can buy a professional replica Van Cleef Arpels clover Perlée bracelet jewelry cleaning solution, you can also self-cleaning. The correct way to clean yourself is to dip it in a soap and warm water solution and then gently wipe with a soft cloth. Or toothpaste squeezed in the towel on the rubbing, rubbing back and forth in the platinum ring, remove the surface of the fine lines and dirt, and then diluted with household cleaning detergent, and then second hand Van Cleef Arpels bracelete with water, shiny can be restored as new.
    Third platinum ring of care, it is recommended every year to the professional jewelry store for inspection, timely professional cleaning and some minor damage repair, make the ring often wear new Oh.
      Every paragraph of love is worth cherishing, rare platinum ring to love pure shine. Platinum ring care is like guarding their own love, need to protect the safety, distribution of glory. How to care for platinum replica van cleef arpels vintage ring, I believe that through the analysis of the above Xiaobian, has understood it, I hope you can make their own love forever beautiful light shining Oh!<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RNpdCBkk7HA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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