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How to plan a romantic marriage proposal@sallor.com

2017-03-20 18:34:23 | 日記
1.A yacht to marry him
Is the beach shooting wedding time, the flowers yacht by the distance, the shilling girls found this search beautiful yacht, but the line of sight was photographers back, to be gradually approaching the boat, the bow with kt version (banner) Written fake van cleef arpels alhambra bracelet, are you willing to marry me? Boy took out the ring to the girl to marry him.
 2. sand sculpture to marry him
Ready to do three small sand sculpture, two to do with the decoration, a carving to do the image of the two or to marry the information, shooting time for the scenery near the sand sculpture, first note the use of sand sculpture, and then find the marriage information, The
3. restaurant to marry him
After the wedding, the two restaurants in the restaurant, after a good meal, the boys excuse to leave for a while, quickly for a good dress, get good replica van cleef arpels bracelet, girl approached the girl, after dinner opened the cover, With the ring and some decoration (flowers or), to the girl to marry him.
4. wedding photographs to marry
At night shooting wedding, the design of a group of bride shot alone shot, the groom alone came to the hot air balloon, flew from the distance to the shooting, shooting staff deliberately referred to hot air balloon, when the hot air balloon more and more close, To a set of close-up, the groom from the hot air balloon holding Van Cleef Arpels magic bracelet replica
, tell the truth confession, one knee kneel to marry him
5. Diver to marry him
During the day when shooting wedding, in the middle of rest, the groom and the bride jokingly threw something into the sea. When the next group of wedding photography, a diver from the water out, swaggering toward the shooting of the new, to the bride said: Miss, you out of things. When the bride opens the box, see the ring, the groom kneel on one knee and marry him.
6. flashlight flash words to marry
At night, the new people in the hotel next to the beach and most of the tourists together to enjoy the candlelight dinner, enjoy the fun of the show on the beach performances, when the new look is put into the time, a sudden power out.
When everyone was surprised, a piece of lyrical music sounded, the beach appeared a white curtain, curtain above the gradual emergence of a piece of light (6 - 10 people with a flashlight), bright slowly into a word, thinking Miss, today I face the sea loudly shouting: I will love you for life, please marry me!
At the moment the fireworks bloom, the bride and groom holding the bride's hand came to the beach, single leg kneeling for her to wear replica Amulette De Cartier Necklace, at the moment, their fireworks around the moment into a peach heart type, while dancers and all the guests came to their side Dance for them, celebrate!
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