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Retrofit a Cheap Gas Generator to Your Car

2017-03-30 10:17:26 | 日記

You cannot retrofit a money generator to your bank account so you might as well have a direct go at a source of rising fuel prices where you do have some control: Your gas guzzling car.

Of course, there's no more cheap gas to be had. No free gas anywhere!

But you do actually have some real options of increasing your mileage by 25 to 50%. It can be done with a supplemental hydrogen gas generator retrofitted to your car.

In the middle of that range, with the average car getting 25 miles a gallon from a 20 gallon tank, that will get you an extra 175 miles. That's about a $21 saving every time you fill up.

At 50% mileage increase with a supplemental hydrogen gas generator that would be $30 a time.

A hydrogen gas generator is based on 'old' proven technology. It works. It's inexpensive and you can access it. No big car company secrets here that stand between you and real autel maxicheck pro, cheap gas savings.

There are three options on how to achieve this.

Obtain an instruction guide to build the kit yourself.

Buy a hydrogen gas generator kit, assemble and install it yourself.


Buy an already assembled kit, install it yourself, or get your mechanic to do it.

How does it work?

Hydrogen is a very clean fuel. It's source is water and no CO2 is produced in burning it. Just water!

It is a very powerful energy carrier. It carries rockets into space. Obviously you need to take care with this stuff.

So how can it be safely used in a car's internal combustion engine without rocketing you into space?

Electrolysis. Basically this means that the electricity from your car's battery is used to separate hydrogen and oxygen in distilled water as you drive. Hydrogen is added to the fuel as you go and combustion efficiency is greatly increased. Only as much hydrogen is created as you need as you drive, so no rocket blasting!

Hydrogen is ordinarily no cheap gas. But generating it this way, it is.

What are the benefits of a supplemental hydrogen gas generator?

Well, I've mentioned the savings every time you connect your wallet straight to the bowser autel maxisys elite.

But cheap gas is only the beginning.You will also make an immediate contribution to reducing green house gas emissions. Your hydrogen generator works by causing gas to be burned much more efficiently. Fewer harmful emissions get spewed out your exhaust pipe.

Your car engine's performance will increase and its life is extended as it burns cleaner, resulting in a much reduced internal carbon build-up.

Did you know that the world uses something like an Olympic swimming pool-full of oil every 15 seconds? It is going to run out some day and your retrofitted fuel saver can be your bridge between rising gas prices and the day that you can buy an affordable alternative fuel car.

And, of course there will never be such thing as free gas on our limited planet.


You can further leverage your cheap gas advantage from your on-board hydrogen generator by using bio fuels, or liquid petroleum gas. Almost free gas, you could say.

OK, you can also use magnetic resonance devices to get good fuel savings but you need a qualified mechanic to install them. by contrast, the hydrogen generator is "people technology."

Dr Erik Leipoldt has long been concerned about the effects of global warming. In particular he uses his own experience of disability in practical approaches towards alternate energy sources to survive and thrive in our environmentally disabled world. For more on hydrogen generation click here

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