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The Antique Style Radiator Valve Choice For Cast Iron Radiators

2017-06-20 15:13:23 | 日記

On the market today there is a huge choice of antique style valves to suit the traditional cast iron radiators for sale. Up until 5 years ago the choice of antique style valves on the market was very limited however over the past few years, with the growing popularity of the traditional cast iron radiator, specialist valve manufacturers have now produced a wonderful array of designs and finishes. This wide choice can become quite confusing as to which antique style valve to choose for your cast iron radiator.

Antique style cast iron radiator valves come in a basic choice of thermostatic or manual as do modern radiator valves. A thermostatic valve is preferable for the larger radiator as it allows you to regulate the temperature of each radiator within each room space, providing flexibility of heat and energy/money saving. The manual valve however will only allow you to turn the radiator on or off, with the smaller radiator, in a bathroom for example Autel MaxiSys Pro, the manual valve may suffice.

Antique style radiator valves also have the advantage of being available in 15mm or 22mm fittings. If you are fitting cast iron radiators onto an old original heating system the pipe size required on a valve will be 22mm however all modern and refurbished pipe work will be 15mm. Check with your plumber before researching your valve choice.

Once you have determined your pipe size and a choice of thermostatic or manual valve has been made there is then the choice of style and finish.

The style of antique valve chosen is very much dependent on the cast iron radiator style it is to accompany. For the simpler line of the traditional column Victorian style radiator it is best to choose a less detailed valve style to compliment the simplicity of the radiator design. The larger more ornate cast iron radiator will take the more elaborate wooden wheel or fluted top design of antique style valve adding an extra dimension and elegance to the radiator.

When it comes to the choice of available finishes on the antique style valves this is very much dependent upon the colour choice you have opted for on your cast iron radiator. The battle ship grey tones will take the chrome or black nickel finish whereas the gold or bronze coloured cast iron radiator will suit the burnished brass Advanced Version of DS708, antique brass or polished brass finishes available. For the copper coloured radiator there is also the choice of the antique copper finish valve which compliments well. The hand polished radiator on the other hand will take all finishes as they will contrast well with the highly polished shine of the bare cast iron metal that is produced when choosing a hand polished radiator.

There is an antique style valve available now on the market for every cast iron radiator style and it is always best, before choosing, to contact a professional specialist in cast iron radiators and valves to discuss your requirements before purchasing and also discuss your project thoroughly with your plumber or heating engineer.

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