The defense is Real Madrid soft underbelly

2017-07-06 17:25:48 | 日記
The defense is Real Madrid soft underbelly Cody Goloubef Jersey, but Zidane insisted on the trust of Navas, red crown stage recovery status repeatedly Savior of the latter return the coach, three main defender is "to attack on behalf of the", Ramos season into the 10 The ball, a personal career record, Marcelo league assists 10 times, is the five league assists most of the defender, Kawahar all rakes 11 assists, assists are more than the number of La Liga defender.

Wenger is a pragmatist in the football world Luke Adam Jersey, he is more inclined to four guards, but he may not choose 4231, the new season professors have evolved 4411 may. In fact, Arsene Wenger coach Arsenal is the most peak period is the use of 4411 formation, 4 guard 4 midfield flat, in the backcourt players can complement each other, turns on assists, but the most important thing in this system is forward Delivery of the front waist player Ozil, and single combat capability of the strong 9 La Cazet.

I talked to Simone about the current situation, shared my thoughts and how he wanted me to stay, and the team's plans, and then we and Jill (Real Madrid CEO) solved all the problems Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey. I am very respectful to this club, where the people and the Royal Society (former club) Corey Tropp Jersey, gave me everything.
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