Champions League final

2017-07-06 17:25:47 | 日記
Champions League final, Real Madrid offensive sharp defense, showing a strong combat effectiveness, off the double winner is deserved Plus the beginning of the season's European Super Cup, the end of last year's World Club Cup, Real Madrid a season swept four titles Jared Boll Jersey, only the King Cup failed to win. Single season 4 times to win, also hit the Real Madrid team history (before only 1955-56 Markus Hannikainen Jersey,1988-89 and 2002-03 season, had 1 year 3 crown), so 2016-17 season really become Real Madrid years.

When asked to be the next year after the introduction of new strikers in their own whereabouts, Gloucester refused to say: "Honestly, I do not know, I will continue to play next season at Atletico, after that we look Look Kevin Connauton Jersey, I'm only thinking about Atletico, I think it's ridiculous to talk about a year later.

?German defender Rudyard is currently in the United States to accept Chelsea's medical examination, if no accident, he will be 36 million pounds worth of Stamford Bridge, but, according to media Football.London reported that in an interview, Rudig personally admitted that Arsenal fans. In this summer, Chelsea finally beat Manchester City's competition, and finally signed the name was widely optimistic about the German defender, but now Rudy is braving the risk of anger Chelsea fans, personally admitted that he has been Arsenal fans Scott Harrington Jersey.
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