European tyrannical pattern has not

2017-07-06 17:25:54 | 日記
European tyrannical pattern has not changed for many years, this season is no exception, the top giants are still strong. Since the Chelsea win in 2013, the Champions League final only a total of four teams, Real Madrid 4 years 3 win, Barcelona in 2015 by the Triple Crown, Juventus and Atletico have become two runner-up, the only four can only give them Bring trouble only Bayern, this season is the first time in six years Bundesliga dominated the semi-finals, but they are also defending champion Real Madrid. The current Champions League, La Liga three strong plus Bayern Juventus Curtis Mcelhinney Jersey, has formed a clear outline of the first group, the ability to block them 5 teams, basically only their own, out of each other.

These changes to C Luo's career development of another stage, no longer Lisbon, Manchester United era that fast, the whole body bolted winger James Wisniewski Jersey, but a pure shooter. Sky Sports expert, Manchester United legend Gary - Neville said: "I would like to know whether he is now planning to transition to a center, so that he must not run every game must be 11,12 km, can be 7, 8 or 9 km, and then he can be scored at the crucial time 2 goals Kevin Connauton Jersey, he is now not a full-featured player, and we must see his changes.

Although at this time, the 24-year-old Real Madrid striker is still enjoying his holiday, Mora was just married soon, and began his honeymoon last week, but there is no doubt that he has begun to look forward to their own Manchester United Corey Tropp Jersey, in another top league to continue his career, Mora Tata is not willing to join Real Madrid's pre-season training, and look forward to this transfer as soon as possible to reach an agreement. And Mora's agent also has the same idea with his customers, he has been working hard and Real Madrid negotiations, and to the Real Madrid club pressure, hoping to let Mora tower in the next season to leave the Bernabeu.
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