Mourinho was openly expressed his frustrating mood

2017-06-14 12:16:47 | 日記
Mourinho was openly expressed his frustrating mood, which is very good, because that remarks enough to prove that he very much hope that I can come back as soon as possible. If the coach is indifferent to your injury, if he does not care if you can play, then he simply will not say that. Therefore Tom Gilbert Jersey, I will be a positive attitude to understand Mourinho's words Saku Koivu Jersey. At the same time, it is a great challenge for me to get back as soon as possible, because for a professional player, you have to be able to recover as soon as possible after the injury, no matter what others say, this is the job you have to complete.

Another passionate coach Klopp is also on the sidelines and Mourinho had tongue contend Ryan Johnston Jersey, the latter had the former passionate command style disdain. In January this year, the double red, the two on the sidelines of a fierce quarrel, slash uncle waved his arms loudly roar, birds uncle step forward with the theory Brendan Gallagher Jersey, this also thanks to a fourth official from the block, otherwise it may Outbreak of limb conflict. After the match Mourinho stretched out a thumb to Clopp, but the latter chose to ignore.

67-year-old Wenger in an interview also pointed out that he did a lot of work outside the background can not see, "we are trying to strengthen the team every day, involving a lot of invisible, intangible work. Is the basic requirement, which means that I can not put the phone aside to sleep, because anything can happen, we need to be vigilant in 24 hours, to strive to create the best atmosphere in the team.
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