According to Smalin's understanding

2017-06-14 12:16:48 | 日記
According to Smalin's understanding, when Manchester United wounded camp situation, so Mourinho do nothing, this is the madman issued the most important reason for that remarks. "At that time, Manchester United's very sick and wounded, so that the situation will certainly make Mourinho feel very depressed after each injury Patrick Roy Jersey, I will coach with the coach, team doctor to sit down to discuss their own injuries , They will always give me to develop a recovery plan, after that, I will always make every effort to recuperate and restore as the team's head coach, Mourinho of course hope that the wounded as early as possible to return to the green field The

And Mourinho "kill" replaced by Conti, March FA Cup red and blue war, the Italians because Manchester United players foul suddenly rage, toward the birds uncle soared, the latter unwilling to show weakness immediately responded Tomas Fleischmann Jersey, the distance between the two To the point of saliva, gunpowder full, but fortunately there is a fourth officer caught in the middle of them, it will not happen more outrageous behavior. In fact, Mu, Kong Liangzi in the first round of the league when the confrontation has been forged, Mourinho on the Conti 4 ball is still wantonly celebrated is very dissatisfied, that this is the humiliation of him and the Red Devils.

In the battle of J Luo, Arsenal's odds are not big, one of the main reason is that the gunmen did not get the next season's Champions League qualification P.k. Subban Jersey, but Wenger can take the main position to tempt him.

Recently, Wenger appeared in France, for signing Lacazet and Mbapei two stars and busy Manny Malhotra Jersey, and he came to France with Arsenal CEO Garciddus.
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