Between the marshal love to kill

2017-06-14 12:16:49 | 日記
Manchester United in the European Cup quarter-final second round of the game difficult to eliminate Andrecht, after the match Mourinho said: "Phil - Jones and Smalin must be brave, and now they prove their own As a professional player, you have to pay everything for your team Howie Morenz Jersey, even if you can not create a miracle, but at least 100% effort Eric Tangradi Jersey, as soon as possible to get rid of injury problems as soon as possible.

Between the marshal love to kill. The original people think that Guam will be staged between the "phase grams kill" good play, did not expect the broadcast is "acquaintance" drama, the two not only handshake Shea Weber Jersey, hug, but also joking with each other, not like in the other giants fight You live and die. If the real enemies, Mourinho's object is Wenger, this season they did not repeat the side of the past, but the professor at the UEFA elite coach meeting refused to sit next to the madman, but also to see between them The hatred of hatred Last year in November, Mourinho led Manchester United guest challenge Arsenal, the two courtesy of the handshake, but the eyes to avoid the other side without any exchanges, it seems rash is really hard to return.

Colombian star in the Real Madrid array has fallen out of favor Phillip Danault Jersey, he did not even enter the finals in the Champions League final list, although Zinedine Zidane also retain the name of 80 million Mr., but J Luo stay the words certainly can not play the main, he himself seeking an environment development of. In the transfer market, J Luo is a meat and potatoes, in addition to Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Paris and even AC Milan have a strong interest in him.
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