The coastal area usually refers to the distance

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The coastal area usually refers to the distance from the sea a mile area.
And as same as other materials exposed to the atmosphere, stainless steel will be dirty.
Industrial zone is heavy industrial atmospheric pollution region. The air suspended particles, like iron and steel production process generated dust or iron oxide deposition also can make the increase of corrosion. For example, the British climate condition is so, so the state belongs to the coastal region.
The United States, Britain, France, Italy, Sweden and Australia have conducted research work have been identified in these regions of the various stainless steel atmospheric corrosion resistant effect.
In options, it is important to determine whether there are local factors influences the use of the environment.
The village is basically no pollution area.
So wash the interval is affected by many factors, aluminum laser cutting the main influence factor is the required standards of beauty. Relevant content on the NiIDI published "Architects Handbook" is briefly introduced, the book table can help designers to various regional selection of cost-effective best stainless steel. The effect of artificial flushing manually with sponge soap water every six months to clean each strip of the right to determine. The population density is low, only the no pollution of industrial. If the wind mixed with ocean mist, especially due to the evaporation of caused by salt deposition agglomeration, plus a little rain, does not often be washed by the rain, the coastal region is more adverse conditions. It was found, compared with stored in a shed where and are not washing place slats, through the rain and manual scrub to remove surface dust and deposition on the surface, a good role. Effects of repair and cleaning cost design factors including rainfall, artificial irrigation and has dirty surface between a relationships.
By the same slab placed directly in the atmosphere and stored in a shed the rain to determine the effect of erosion. But also discover, the surface processing conditions also affect, the smooth surface of the slats is better than the rough surface of the slat.
City aluminum laser cutting is a typical residential, commercial and light industrial area, the area has a mild pollution, such as traffic pollution.

. For illustrative purposes, suggested that the region is divided into four categories, namely: country, city, industrial district and the coastal area.Experience shows, atmospheric corrosion degree vary from place to place. If there is industrial pollution, corrosion is greater. However, marine atmosphere to spread into inland depth, on the island is even more so, the prevailing winds from the sea, and the bad weather. Although many stainless steel curtain wall is only when carried out in Cabo wash, but, in general, for external stainless steel wash two times a year. Pollution may be due to the formation of fuel to gas, such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides, or chemical plant or factory to release the other gas. For example, stainless steel used in below a factory chimney, used in nearby air conditioning exhaust baffle near or scrap yard, there will be a non-general condition
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