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The 2007 Honda Civic Sedan

2017-07-17 10:15:40 | 日記

This latest model from Honda promises sleek sexy looks combined with top quality performance. You will have all of the latest in Honda technology and will get you where you need to go in style. The 2007 Honda Civic Sedan retains the Honda Corporations top quality for high performing, fuel efficient cars without having to sacrifice looks or style. A two tiered instrument panel and satellite radio complete with navigation system are only a few of the many features that set this car apart from the other 2007 models available.

The exterior design of the car alone deserves a second look. It sleek elegant design makes it a pleasure to the eye. The futuristic style of the car will surely attract attention as your driving it to work or for pleasure. The short front and rear overhangs give the 2007 Honda Civic Sedan a very sleek and angular look. There are no defined edges so while driving the car looks as if it is almost gliding along the road. The car is available in 12 different colors, ranging from alabaster white up to jet black. Various other exterior features are also available. Many have noted that the new look of the Honda Civic may take some getting used to and whether or not the striking looks of the car will date quickly remains to be seen.

The interior of the car offers everything in style and comfort. The two tiered instrument panel offers all of your information to you, so you can give 100 percent concentration to the road ahead Autel MaxiSys Pro. The interior has a rear flat door enabling the Honda Civic Sedan to seat up to 5 passengers comfortably. You need not worry about getting lost with the state of the art GPS x431 pro mini, voice recognition Navigation systems. Perfect for those journeys into uncharted territory. If you're a music fan the 2007 Honda Civic sedan offers a 160 watt AM/FM CD audio system. It is also mp3 compatible so you favorite music is only the touch of a button away.

Ian Walsh is the moderator of Civicland Honda Civic Forums, a highly technical forum. The site has advice and news on all generations of the Honda Civic.

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