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The attention to the latest model of charm and latest trends in vintage fused"Round" collection of Ray-Ban to lead the trend of this summerSquare type of sunglasses is tightened another closet,this year's spring and summer season decide in Round Style - "round" collection of Ray-Ban to lead the eyewear trend.WayIn addition to the legendary models such as Farrar and clubs master,new icon model appeared.A bottle of your favorite from quirky round collectionWhile inheriting the Round Style of former Ray-Ban,adding innovations such as materials and lightness,quirky round collection that was sublimated into the modern trend to match the model."RoundAuthentic form of "is,clean and fit regardless of the shape of the face.
ray ban sunglasses Model "RB2447F" was born to re-interpret the iconic Round Style in the classic model.Acetate and metal combination has created a new retro style.Model "RB3447JM" using the camouflage pattern in the metal frame was wrapped the fabric duck pattern is printed on the rim design.Gold thin Temple and classic lens color,A unique combination of camouflage pattern is it distinctive.Classic model using acetate "RB2180".Key Bridge,rivets,side of the brand logo in the feature,and Ata of Ray-BanApparently we want to pay attention as a representative model of Round Style."RB4222" is,like texture of the rubber is used and the front of the feature,the Temple of metal combination.And the frame that has been subjected to coating of rainbow colors on the front of the nylon,employs a mirror lensWe have finished in the model.Original round metal is re-appearance model "RX3447V".Subjected to a modern matte processed into metal frame,further round series of A that the coin processing plusIkonikku model.Model "RX2180V" is a model that uses the acetate,as well as sunglasses,Key Bridge,rivets,side of the Ray-Ban logo has become a feature.MAX PITTION |? Max PitionFrame,color,all sizes newJohn? Mayer is the latest collection of eyewear brand that revivedThe famous John? Mayer as unrivaled eyewear collectors guitarist was appointed creative director,revived France's oldest eyewear brand "MAX PITTION (Max? Pite?The latest collection arrival of down)." From the re-start the brand in 2013,the new frame,in addition to the new color,big size of the frame appeared.
2015 shoesText by KAJII Makoto (OPENERS)Restart it Dedicated to founder Max"Max? Pition" is,in 1921 in was founded in a small town oyonnax in the south Jura of the French Alps,the legendary eyewear brand that has flourished in the 1960s and 1970s.It is four years after the death of founder MaxIn 2013,John? Mayer is a collector of unrivaled vintage eyewear was revived by receiving yield its brand rights reserved.The maker of design,native Sands,Supreme,Tammy? Hemp stalk,which has worked on the eyewear of Bizubimu.It has produced in all handmade have our own factory in Fukui? Sabae.Re-StarsTaking Pictures,the production model "POLITICIAN" which was playing at the time of design in contemporary a "SHERBY".It is limited sale,etc.Colette in Paris and Dover Street Market,was kidnapped a big topic.Last year of the second year,released two models of the "VEGA","GITANE".Beautiful gradation of the frame to feel France seems modes Esprit uses a durable acetate resin,a certain feeling of luxury JerWe appeal to Gantt texture.This year,somewhat slender new model "MAESTRO" appearedThe color of the new frame of the latest collection "MAESTRO",bone (bone),chic smoky bamboo,black and blue color of tortoiseshell pattern lineup.In addition,a brand icon model "POLITICIAN",the big size of the frame appeared.Force is applied to the Chunky (stocky and was) a vintage feel,and Starring the avant-garde styleIt has become a fashion item that out.
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