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NO.1 What does the "Server Side Encryption" option on Amazon S3 provide?
A. It provides an encrypted virtual disk in the Cloud.
B. It allows to upload files using an SSL endpoint, for a secure transfer.
C. It encrypts the files that you send to Amazon S3, on the server side.
D. It doesn't exist for Amazon S3, but only for Amazon EC2.
Answer: C

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NO.2 You need a persistent and durable storage to trace call activity of an IVR (Interactive Voice
Response) system. Call duration is mostly in the 2-3 minutes timeframe. Each traced call can be either
active or terminated. An external application needs to know each minute the list of currently active
calls, which are usually a few calls/second. Put once per month there is a periodic peak up to 1000
calls/second for a few hours The system is open 24/7 and any downtime should be avoided. Historical
data is periodically archived to files. Cost saving is a priority for this project.
What database implementation would better fit this scenario, keeping costs as low as possible?
A. Use DynamoDB with a "Calls" table and a Global Secondary Index on a "IsActive'" attribute that is
present for active calls only In this way the Global Secondary index is sparse and more effective.
B. Use DynamoDB with a 'Calls" table and a Global secondary index on a 'State" attribute that can
equal to "active" or "terminated" in this way the Global Secondary index can be used for all Items in
the table.
C. Use RDS Multi-AZ with two tables, one for -Active calls" and one for -Terminated calls". In this way
the "Active calls_ table is always small and effective to access.
D. Use RDS Multi-AZ with a "CALLS" table and an Indexed "STATE* field that can be equal to 'ACTIVE"
or -TERMINATED" In this way the SOL query Is optimized by the use of the Index.
Answer: A

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NO.3 What are characteristics of Amazon S3? Choose 2 answers
A. S3 should be used to host a relational database.
B. S3 allows you to store objects of virtually unlimited size.
C. S3 offers Provisioned IOPS.
D. S3 allows you to store unlimited amounts of data.
E. Objects are directly accessible via a URL.
Answer: D,E

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NO.4 You are designing a multi-platform web application for AWS The application will run on EC2
instances and will be accessed from PCs. tablets and smart phones Supported accessing platforms are
Windows. MACOS. IOS and Android Separate sticky session and SSL certificate setups are required for
different platform types which of the following describes the most cost effective and performance
efficient architecture setup?
A. Set up two ELBs The first ELB handles SSL certificates for all platforms and the second ELB handles
session stickiness for all platforms for each ELB run separate EC2 instance groups to handle the web
application for each platform.
B. Setup a hybrid architecture to handle session state and SSL certificates on-prem and separate EC2
Instance groups running web applications for different platform types running in a VPC.
C. Set up one ELB for all platforms to distribute load among multiple instance under it Each EC2
instance implements ail functionality for a particular platform.
D. Assign multiple ELBS to an EC2 instance or group of EC2 instances running the common
components of the web application, one ELB for each platform type Session stickiness and SSL
termination are done at the ELBs.
Answer: D

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他のたくさんのトレーニング資料より、JPshikenのAmazonのAWS-Solutions-Associate 関連復習問題集は一番良いものです。IT認証のトレーニング資料が必要としたら、JPshikenのAmazonのAWS-Solutions-Associate 関連復習問題集を利用しなければ絶対後悔しますよ。JPshikenのトレーニング資料を選んだら、あなたは一生で利益を受けることができます。

JPshikenは客様の要求を満たせていい評判をうけいたします。たくさんのひとは弊社の商品を使って、試験に順調に合格しました。そして、かれたちがリピーターになりました。JPshikenが提供したAmazonのAWS-Solutions-Associate 関連復習問題集と解答が真実の試験の練習問題と解答は最高の相似性があり、一年の無料オンラインの更新のサービスがあり、100%のパス率を保証して、もし試験に合格しないと、弊社は全額で返金いたします。

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チャンスはいつも準備がある人のために存在しています。IT業界で就職する前に、あなたはAmazonのAWS-Solutions-Associate 関連復習問題集に合格したら、あなたに満足させる仕事を探す準備をよくしました。AmazonのAWS-Solutions-Associate 関連復習問題集に合格しがたいですが、我々JPshikenの提供するAmazonのAWS-Solutions-Associate 関連復習問題集の資料を通して多くの人は試験に合格しました。あなたはその中の一員になりたいですか。我々の商品にあなたを助けさせましょう。
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