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Fuyan pill treatment of blocked fallopian tubes with three treatment courses

2016-12-24 15:18:39 | 日記



treatment of blocked fallopian tubes is an important cause of female infertility. Generally speaking, women still have possibility to get pregnant with unilateral tubal blockage. However, if bilateral tubal blockage occurs and not properly treated, women won't get pregnant any more. Fuyan pill, a pure herbal medicine, is effective in treating tubal blockage, let's look at a successful clinical case.
Jessica, from the United States, hadn't got pregnant for 3 years. So she went to the hospital and the result showed that she had bilateral tubal blockage. She underwent a surgery and then the examination showed that the tube was unblocked. However, several months after the surgery, Jessica still not got pregnant. She went to do an examination again, and the result prompted recurred blockage.
Jessica didn't want to get another surgery as surgery brings great pain. She just tried to find some medications. And finally, she found the herbal product - fuayn pill. 
Reading Jessica's medical history carefully, Dr. Lee, the creator of fuyan pill, prescribed her one-month fuyan pill. Jessica was asked to take the pills with right time and dosage. Meanwhile, she was also asked to follow a strict diet control.
While taking the pills, Jessica phoned Dr. Lee that her stool was brown and asked whether this was normal. Taking into account that the drug color and diet will affect the color of stool, Dr. Lee told her that this was normal and asked her to continue the treatment.
During the second treatment course, Jessica said that her menstruation delayed for three days and consulted Dr. Lee for the reasons. Dr. Lee told her that this was normal. Fuyan pill established a new and normal menstrual cycle for patients. So the time might be earlier or later for several days. Dr. Lee reminded Jessica of the diet again and told her to continue the treatment.
After taking fuyan pill for three months, Jessica did an HSG under the advice of Dr. Lee. And the result showed both fallopian tubes were unblocked. And two months after that, Jessica phoned Dr. Lee and said she got pregnant and it was intrauterine pregnancy. Jessica was completely cured by fuyan pill with three-month treatment.


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