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wedding dresses,bridal gowns,bride dresses

Fifty percent of men may experience some symptoms of chlamydi

2017-07-23 16:21:31 | 日記


chlamydia in men symptoms, as one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, affects nearly four million people each year. It is easily spread because it often causes no symptoms and spread to sexual partners unknowingly. Since lots of men cannot experience any symptoms, 50% men also can experience some symptoms.

First, mall amounts of clear or cloudy discharge from the tip of penis. Second, painful urination Third, burning and itching around the opening of the penis Fourth, Pain and swelling around the testicles The above mentioned four symptoms are typical symptoms in men. Some may experience one; some may experience two; some may experience all, which depends on the degree of the condition. If you find that you have had those symptoms, the first thing you have to do is taking some tests. Your doctor, he or she will probably use a swab to take sample from the urethra in men and then will send the specimen to a lab to be analyzed. There also are other tests which check a urine sample for the presence of the bacteria. If you do have chlamydia, there is no need to worry about it, for this disease and its complications can be cured by herbal formula - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill . This pill made of more than 40 herbs, so it is safe and can be taken for a long time. This pill also has many amazing functions such as promoting blood circulation, dissipating hard lumps, clearing away heat and toxic materials and so on. if you are interested in it, please contact us as soon as possible.

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