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wedding dresses,bridal gowns,bride dresses

Five ways to prevent chlamydia infection

2017-07-23 14:25:04 | 日記



chlamydia bacterial infection is a serious bacterial infection happens on the genital organs. The most common infection way is sexual contact. The bacteria that causes chlamydia lives exclusively in the cells of humans, duo to this reason, chlamydia becomes one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases on the planet. If you affect this bacterium, you have to face lots of complications such as prostatitis, PID, etc, so it is important to prevent yourself from contracting it.

Firstly, don't have too much sexual partners
As is known, chlamydia is common sexually transmitted diseases, so people have to limit their sexual partners, because the more partners you have, the greater you risk of affecting this infection.
Secondly, ask any potential sexual partners about their sexually transmitted disease (STD) status. Find out whether they have been tested for STDs and how recently. Do these before you have sex with them.
Thirdly, use condoms when have sex
Condom is the best way to prevent affecting Chlamydia infection, using condom is especially important if you don’t know your partners very well.
Fourthly, abstain from sexual intercourse
Men's prostate gland may stay at a congestion states for a long time if he has frequent sexual intercourse, and the congestion is the best environment for Chlamydia to grow, so men have to limit the sexual times.
Fifthly, taking herbal medicine
Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill (for women) and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill (for men) can clear away chlamydia totally with three months. What’s more, the two pills also can cure the complications of the chlamydia. If you are interested in it, please contact us as soon as possible.
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