For seven consecutive years reached

2017-04-19 13:05:20 | 日記
For seven consecutive years reached the Champions League semi-finals, Real Madrid also hit the Champions League history. Before only 2008 to 2013 Emerson Etem Jersey, Barcelona dream three teams (including Rijkaard coaching the end of the year), for six consecutive years into the Champions League semi-finals Rod Gilbert Jersey. Whether it is before or after the restructuring of the Champions League, for seven consecutive years reached the Champions League semi-finals are the first in history. Bayern 2012 to 2016 for five consecutive years to enter the Champions League semi-final, this year's stop, then tied 1956-66 (Champions League five consecutive years) Real Madrid, tied for history 3.

At the same time, the "Mirror" disclosure, Manchester United has been intends to re-sign this summer was Van Gaal to sell the defender Michael - Keane. The 24-year-old defender in the two and a half years ago after leaving Manchester United performance by leaps and bounds, not only has become the England international, and become more than the Premiership giants compete for the object Ron Duguay Jersey. Last summer, Manchester United had offered 20 million pounds to buy, but was rejected. "Mirror" pointed out that Manchester United is now out of 3000 million pounds, it is possible to impress Burnley James Patrick Jersey, and this will be the year 250 million pounds to sell the price of 12 times.

Muchtaray was fined 60 for parking violations, but his mood was not affected and then gave the street tramp.

Although Muchtaray is now Manchester United thigh players, but in the current round of Manchester United home 2-0 win over Chelsea game, the Armenian star but because of Mourinho special tactical deployment did not play. Of course, compared with the team win, Mushi Tara is not depressed for their absence. On Monday, Mikhaili and his family went to an Italian restaurant in the center of Manchester to eat.
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