Defense line the oil general

2017-04-19 13:05:20 | 日記
Defense line, the oil general Cleveland in the third half of the game on the second half due to injury end, but according to the latest news his injury did not matter, because the team a group of Sekera and Las Seoul need to bear a large number of Secret Service appearance, so the existence of Clive Boom for the team 5v5 when the crucial attack has a crucial role Bryan Rust Jersey. And shark side, Burns played the beast-like data in the first game after the game he played poorly, only contributed two shots, and a fatal mistake led directly to the conceded Patric Hornqvist Jersey, he needed to adjust the rhythm of the game The

If the brown bear wants to break the door of the Senator defended by Craig Anderson, the first thing they have to solve is how to deal with the french. In the week of Carlsson's injury, both in court and field, Farnaf showed the potential to be a good leader. In the back of the game, it is expected that the Senate coach Gay - Boucher will also arrange more Farnaf and Cody - West to confront the poles led by Marche Dominik Uher Jersey, Berger and David Beckers Threatened brown bear a group of strikers.

Murray has been absent from school for two consecutive years since he suffered a lower limb injury after warm-up in the playoffs on Thursday Josh Archibald Jersey. Coach Sullivan last time given his situation was on Friday after training, when he said there was no time for Murray's comeback.

Fowler played two games played well, each player only scored a goal. Yesterday 4-1 won the blue game is his playoff career 55 wins, he saved the opponent 40 shots in 39 times. It is worth mentioning that his performance and Tom - Balaso set the penguin team history is only a step away. 39 times fighting is also Fole from Beijing time on April 24, 2014 penguin 3-4 loss to blue game saved 46 shots in 42 times since the playoff career record.
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