Goalkeeper position

2017-04-19 13:05:20 | 日記
Goalkeeper position, the game Talbott easily with 16 saves the first career in the playoffs finished, which gave him a lot of confidence. And the Shark's Jones played equally well, but in the case of playing less opponents opponents of the two-handedly scored the ball or become the decision of the watershed waters of the game, the game, the team needs his state to mention a New height Josh Archibald Jersey.

The Senate's four strikers were relatively homogeneous, but a group of Stoners was very bad at the end of the season, ending the year's playoff with the sluggish state of 15 consecutive games without scoring The first game he is still showing a bleak little achievements, which in the attack on the brown bear in the Senate is becoming more difficult Steve Downie Jersey. It would be absolutely possible for Senators to win a victory if they could find their status as soon as possible in a few games in the back of the series.

Fowler debuted two consecutive playoffs and saved 70 of the opponent 72 shots Daniel Winnik Jersey, which is his May 5 to May 5 against New York Rangers for three consecutive starting since the first time. To know how valuable he is to him: Fowler played only once in the playoffs last year - the Eastern Conference final against Tampa Bay Lightning of the fifth war Eric Fehr Jersey, that game he was opponents 25 times shot 4 goals, the team also 3 -4 regret defeat.
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