Real Madrid is expected to become

2017-04-19 13:05:26 | 日記
Real Madrid is expected to become the Champions League restructuring after the success of a defending team, but how to cover the line of defense that the biggest door, is Zizu biggest problem. Champions League semi-final opponents whether it is Atletico, Juventus or Barcelona, ??Monaco or Dott, have a strong offensive capability, it is unlikely to be the same as Bayern's campaign, 20 shots only 2 shots, Goal this leg to walk, can defending it?

I have been very grateful to him Emerson Etem Jersey, but football will not be immutable Mika Zibanejad Jersey. We have a great player in the array Sergei Nemchinov Jersey, Manchester United have the ability to sign the superstar, so I can not rest on my laurels Adam Clendening Jersey, if I do not work, and finally no one will remember my performance this season, I am very happy, but I will not end there. I want to do the best for the coach, I will not look back, I will only look forward. The next one and a half months will be the most important moment of my career.

This season, Ramos defensive low-level mistakes a lot, but the two rounds against Bayern, its defensive performance in general is commendable, the first leg of the ball is satisfied that Nacho did not withstand the header master than Dahl, the second round of the first goal is Casimiro takes the lead. Regardless of the bitten Bayern striker is Mill or Levin, Ramos are the upper hand, reminiscent of Juventus before the famous Thuram said: "active defenders I only recognize Ramos.
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