Defender Jonas Brodin was selected 10 number 2011

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Any playoff team, a highly bullish outlook is a big reason for wild for the first time since entering the 2003 round of the playoffs for the first time in second. Eight players under the age of 25. At least one of the first three rows of players under the age of 25. Three under six defensemen under 25. Haula, 23, Mikael Granlund, and the team leader in the playoffs with the goal of 22, Zach Parise. Even in the playoffs, Minnesota is still tied for the first playoff game in all 16 different players in the playoffs. Those who scored include Nino Niederreiter (21 years), Charlie Coyle () and defensemen Spurgeon and Marco Scandella (both Jared) (). This is a very important part of our team, coach Mike ye said oh. Continue to push forward and improve our old players. But to be honest, these core players are part of what they bring to an established career and established players. The real growth potential of our team is our young players. With the progress of our young players, our team will be better and better. So it's a focus for us, it's not an accident. Looking for more talent, focusing on youth, has been central to the organization since Fletcher took over 2009. Fletcher and his staff develop a deeper foundation for a team that has missed the playoffs and lags behind the prospects for the development of small leagues. Haula and goalkeeper Darcy Kuemper drafted 2009. Kuemper is the 1/4 round draft. Choose to choose haula is through trade for the wild in the first round of four points. 2010, black ice hockey jerseysMinnesota supplement Granlund for the youth movement as the core of the ninth draft. Defender Jonas Brodin was selected 10 number 2011, the same year Fletcher defender Brent Burns Devin in Setoguchi, a first round pick (which is used to connect Zack and Phillips) forward, still in the University -- Coyle. Niedderreiter, the top 5 draft, was acquired last year by the Cal Clutterbuck and the 1/3 round draft. Every young man, I think we can make each other better, I feel much better, Niederreiter said this season. In the course of the year, each of us in different situations, when someone was injured, there was a young man ready to step up his game and try to perform at this level. I think this is a good part of it. In any case, we will be better hockey players, their continued development as a non Hodgkin lymphoma player, will make Minnesota a contender for the Stanley cup. We can have some kids that can be done here, usually, 20, and at the age of 22, the children of the age of 21 are getting better, Fletcher said. His.

Focus on helping his team under pressure. There are a lot of interference and noise, in this city, I think, when we let it affect us, we do not worry about ourselves, we can control the us away from our game point, he said, now is the despair and the way we're back to the wall, just worry about what we can control. When we get the four wire buzz, the way the game is, we have a lot of success. Hopefully we can do the next game. Tramps are faced with the same despair and the flowers of the game trying to catch up. 17 in the power play does not help. Not from the extraordinary Lundqvist get an ordinary game, he let the four ball only have 19 balls before he was pulled in the 8:58 in favor of Cam Talbot phase second. I pulled him because I thought we needed a little bit of momentum transfer at the time, and I thought it might attract everyone's attention, Vigneault said. It did for a while. Apparently it's not working. Montreals Dustin Tokarski after the start of the 1/4 game, Carey Price was injured in the first game, allowing him to shoot his first 14 shots, but then did some big saving in the third to win the game. It prompted Bourque bold observation. cheap Red Florida Panthers jerseysTake a look at the Stanley cup playoffs bracketeverybody talk about how (Lundqvist) is a great goalkeeper: he has been compared to (Tokarski) this series? Boolean question. I don't think so。 (Tokarski) made some big saves on us too. We have some bad bounce, but our power to play the difference. We got some traction, a few tight targets. Bourques's second goal proved to be the winner, just stray back tied to the 4-4 game of the second. Everybody's getting ready for the game, 'he said. We know the situation, it's just a tug of war. (DELL) made a great hit to me. I call the puck, somehow it passes. Glad to be there. Burke has been in the playoffs than he had in 63 regular season games only scored nine goals in a different player, easy to sit down and give up their own, lead, but come out on the top right corner, the game is difference, Pacioretty said. This is a huge boost to the us.photos NHL playoffs: feeling playoffsits passion! The Stanley cup candidates enjoy thrills in the sports trophy the coolest fight, one of third Rangers defender John Moore was given a major penalty and a misleading, open ice hit Da Lewei astringent, similar to the prusts Stepan. When he got up to deal with Wei Wei wavering, but returned to the bench in the late, NHL player Security Department announced that Moore will be on Wednesday's hearing to see further discipline is the order. The League will do what it must do, Vigneault said. John no one will hurt someone else's type, but it is a late blow. There is no mention of Boer, who took a major cut at the end of the game. This is a strange night bounce and point dry stop.

By the end of the tokarskis stick midway through the first stage, the Rangers did a good job to eliminate the original Montreal won the series two games before the recovery, but her true Canada fired up the crowd and the team. Only 22 seconds, Kreider was sent to the conversion of galchenyuk tip in Canadian jump point is 48.stepan 1992 subbans 1-1 44 shot 30 feet in the first shot from the folded edge under a peak, supporting his fool. Plekanec has restored the lead 12:24 similar to the target he will be between two hockey players to defeat Lundqvist. There are a lot of goals in the two period. Pacioretty has started from the points and Brendan Gallagher a beautiful pass to Montreal 13 goals ahead, he turned into a close, Jonathan Huberdeau jersey chasing Lundqvist. Nash put the ice hockey in Montreal nets go skating defender Andrei Markovs, Stepan got his second big grab in front in the 12: 06.kreider to support his power game in 14:12 tic-tac-toe after the game, Subban lost his stick. The Baer center was quiet, but there was a sound when he got his second 15:10 and he beat Talbot from the foot of the hat that was thrown in the rear of the to send him a game of 6:33 into the third phase of the ice. Desharnais entered the gate between New York Derek Dorsett and finally some dirty Montreals Mike Weaver 15: 43.there in New York power game. Asked his head hit, Weaver said: ah, so many things happened I really do not know. I'm more focused on hockey. I'm not worried about what he's doing. Canadians scored seven goals in the playoffs for the first time since beating Hartford whaling 7-4 in April 27, 1992. Note: the Canadian defender Alexei Emelin, who appears to have been injured in the knee, sits in a secret injury. Rookie Nathan Beaulieu was paired in third, while Mike Weaver and Andrei Markov were transferred to the second pair.... The eight playoff goal, the only one in the regular season, is the total number of games in which he is short.... Proust served as his two pause game for game second in exchange for 6.... With Stepan's return, J.T. Miller sits in New York. The Canadians put forward Game 6 body damage Montreal Canadians will put the 7 game back to the border of the Eastern Conference finals victory over New York team on Thursday, but they will not do Lewei Da acerbity. According to reports, Wei Ze will withdraw from the game 6. Do you think it was a head injury, the Canadian coach Michel Therrien said on Thursday, according to the star ledger support (N.J.).

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