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my 2010

2011-02-15 23:59:19 | TheWanderDays
its been a long time since I wrote the diary last time.

every year, I have lots of happenings.

For me, in 2010

-I bought a new electric piano with 200,000yen for the first time ever!!
-I went back to Sydney to meet and celebrate my dear friends.
-I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. no regrets. (and still i havent found new one.)
-I started going to Kawasaki Baptist church.
-I had a junior fellow for my work, who is good.
but i realized that leading is so hard.
-welcomed Mission Credo Team to Japan
-bought a new bicycle, and laptop
-I got a disease, which was a detachment of retina.
and for the first time, stayed in a hospital and got an operation taking for 2 hours.
-I tried to pass an exam for ability of "writing patent",
but failed, so I will try next month.
-I wrote up an English article for my Master thesis

How is my life going?
this question is always in my brain.
He knows, and I fear the Lord.
My dad, who died 3 years ago, is teaching me something?
if he were alive, how would he tell me.

2011, how is it going?


2010-01-11 22:47:47 | No matter
Happy new year. 2010.

2009 was also a good year.
what is in my memory?

some gigs, working hard, playing soccer, moving.
moving was hard so that I couldnt do with other stuffs.
recently, stuffs related with moving were finished.
and I got time.

Today I restarted writing an English article which have been stopped for almost one and half years.
actually I have been trying writing it sometimes and written some sentences. but it didnt work well.

Though I dont think I spent unfruitful time in my room so far,
I couldnt touch with writing things.

Anyway, i restarted, and realized, its so difficult to write it...
since my skill was deteriorated, and I forgot many things...
though I learned some important things to write by working in my company,
really tough it was.

i could write only a half pages, though it requires 6 pages...
there is a long long way to go.
have to carry on this big work step by step, day by day...

so tired and hungry

2009-11-10 22:35:03 | Hungry
i got tired. overworking is not good, after all.

and so hungry, recently i tend to be hungry at night.

hum, yes, tired.

oh, my new house in Kawasaki city has been determined.
a bit nervous because never know whether the house is good or not.

oh help me.

musing, pondering my life, my future life, my stance, what I need.

What Im gonna get

2009-10-27 22:31:51 | Hungry
I dont know what Im gonna be.
I have no idea what i wanna be.
im wondering what Im gonna get.

Jesus knows.
however, I never know.

faith is the key and ticket, and seems to be easy. just get on the train.
but holding it is somehow harder than thought
since we are changing as living.

I have many things to be done to work in this society.
i have to keep doing something troublesome even to get some ordinary life.

what i have to do is still...
-reading books
-playing the piano
-studying English (still lazy) to write an English article
-studying Acoustic Engineering
-finding new house
-keeping good health...

oh man, still the words "freedom" and "eco" are too hard to be defined.

im moving!

2009-10-19 23:57:32 | Moving
with in 2 months,
I will have to move!

i have to go to real estate to find a new house.

a house where I can play the electric piano at night.
a house where is closed to my company building to commute by bicycle.
a house where is not far from a church where I can play the piano at night.
a cheap house.
needless to be large.

where do I live?
where is to live for?
where am I?
where do I walk forward?
what do I live for?

Time flies... like an usual.

i havent updated this cite for over a half year

2009-10-17 23:45:18 | Moving
generally, to be a worker seems to busy.
in case of me, I am not a exception.

recently I got a disease named "Herpes zoster" which is so painful.
the disease is caused by a big fatigue or stress when they are around 30 year-old.

I got such a sore skin on my left shoulder because of the disease.
sometimes still aching but gradually recovering fortunately.
some says "it is the most painful one following last stage cancer...

my work is fun. really fortunately, I can work for what I wanted to work for.

though I have less free time because of some overworking,
i can enjoy myself with music and sound.

and in December, I will move...

Recent Lists

2009-02-02 23:45:31 | Hungry
what I can do is...

Play the piano
Read and write English Article
Study Programming language
Read a book
Exercise to be skinny
Learn about Audio

I dont have much time recently.
To be matured, to use much time for that.
To be healthy, to use time for that.
To be wise, to think about it for a long time.
To be good at doing something, to learn to like it.
No gain no pain.

What can I do in this short life?
What are things I have been hoping to do?
How is my life gonna be?
Stupid questions.
Recently I havent asked myself.
What have I done recently...?

What has the Lord been telling me?
what should I answer for it?
I might be wrong?
I might be Okay?
Who can tell me whether I am wrong or Okay.
I dont know much.

Ask more questions toward myself.

a jammed finger

2009-01-12 23:12:47 | Moving
The other day (day before yesterday), I played futsal.
I hadnt done that for 2 months.
So I couldnt play well. From the very start, I cant play it very well.

When I slipped up, I jammed my right mid finger,
which I use to play the piano very often.

I was very worrying about it.
I will have a gig at the end of this month.
I was concerning that I would be managing it on that day.

at the night on the day before yesterday,
the finger got swollen and I was really worrying about it.
but I kept cooling it down with a pain reliever.
and now the swelling is gradually getting small.
seems to be OK for the gig.

Thanks the Lord.


2009-01-04 01:48:28 | Moving
happy new year

it has been almost 2 and half months since I wrote on here.
my English must have got dull...
I have been somehow busy...

Last year, 2008 gave me a lot of changes for my life.

My dad was gone.
I graduated from my uni.
I started working as a researcher.

Im enjoying myself in my life.

I got many things I hadnt done in 2008.
So I have to challenge them in 2009.

Time flies like an arrow.
We have to ponder over various things in such short terms.
Life is just short but can be wondeful.

changing my life

2008-10-23 18:51:07 | Moving
many things around me are changing.
maybe, toward good things.
wonderful steps and stages.

dont know about future.

something will happen? maybe you will, maybe you wont.

wanna believe the future.

never know what God think.
but I wanna think about it.

i wanna keep doing my best.

but ive got less time to do things.
my work in my company are making me busy.
still less busier than other office workers though.

now i can use my time not for me but also ...
my time might be too enough to use only for me alone.

but there are many things to do!!
some article, study, piano and so on!

dont be lazy.