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Longines and Tissot belong to the Swiss Swatch Group

2017-08-14 00:22:00 | 日記
Longines and Tissot that good?
one. Price grade is different
Longines and Tissot belong to the Swiss Swatch Group. From the level of speaking, Swatch Group’s position on the Longines is a second class table, and the positioning of Tissot is three types of table. It is not difficult to see that the grade of Longines than Tissot high Which will react to their price, the lowest price of Longines will not be less than 5,000 yuan, while the price of Tissot watches generally around 2,000 yuan. Longines and Tissot are used EAT, there are some Swatch self-produced movement, the quality is almost, but the work is certainly a penny goods, Longines purchase movement will be the second grinding, and Tissot It is a little deal with the direct use, which is an important reason for the price difference,
one. Suitable for different people
Tissot crowd is mostly a relatively young part of the main high-tech watches and sports watches, Longines are known for elegance Replica Cartier jewelry and elegance, most of the leisure is the amount of money and business dress is more. Tissot’s flagship product is the high-tech touch screen Tengzhi series and PRC200 series, the mechanical watch is the most famous series of Locke, Longines ultra-thin watch the most famous, Jia Lan series and star series are very good, the quality is very good The
two. Cost-effective varies from person to person
According to the Basel Watch show, Tissot in 2009 is the world’s first sales of the Swiss watch brand, inexpensive is the general! Tissot in Switzerland, the local known as the “national table”, almost every family will see Tissot’s shadow. Tissot has always been to “gold price” is known, has also been “Swiss poor table”. In terms of quality, Tissot, Longines can withstand the test. Therefore, only focus on the durability of consumers, the cost-effective Tissot; and for those who pay attention to grade, Longines cost-effective. So, what kind of high cost, but also vary from person to person.
End of the said, Tissot cheap, Longdian quality to be high. Tissot is full of youth sports atmosphere, Longines elegant intellectual. Where is better, have to see the individual good.
What is the Armani watch? What about the table of Armani?
Armani brand introduction
ARMANI Chinese name is “Armani” is the Italian fashion industry’s top brands, like the bag of the LV, the lighter are the same Peng. Are the top luxury, a 7000-8000 clothes are the brand in the low-end clothes.
His fashion brand name is Giorgio Armani “Giorgio Armani”.
And ARMANI watch may be derived from the brand of some ancillary products. Like Montblanc is also the same watch.
Have a “casual elegance” is known as Armani, the introduction of the Armani watch how? Armani watch to the people who love the trend of “free fashion.” The pursuit of the appearance of personality and fashion leisure background. So that Armani watches not only in the fashion table shine, at the time of Bvlgari bracelet replica attending the occasion also did not lose the slightest sense of luxury. The official price of the official website is not high in the Chinese official website offer is only about 2000 to 5000 or so. Inherited the fashion table has always been cost-effective, strong and so on. Armani watches for the constant pursuit of the culmination of young people, but also for 30 standing 70,80 after Oh!
Armani watch how, User comments
Comments 1: Armani is Italy’s top clothing brand, his table is not the top! But the production is not sloppy, many are made in Switzerland. But the brand preferences, like Armani, to buy the quality or guaranteed, provided that do not buy a false watch
Comments two. If it is more like the Armani brand, of course, is nothing to say, Armani table price is very cheap. But if you just want to buy a table, then the Armani table is not worth recommending. After all, Armani’s main line is fashion. The table is only extended. And mostly outsourcing production. For example, there is assembled in China. The same price. Decent nice table can be bought.
Comments three. Really good Armani, thousands of dollars will be able to buy a fine needle around, and to the general consumer groups designed a few thousand dollars, Armani watches, the style is still relatively beautiful.
Comments four. Objectively speaking … … in the table of the industry is concerned, not very cost-effective. expensive. Armani’s watches are fashionable table, is love break break Ou Armani, not George Armani, so should be considered in the end, but the price is not the end of the price, with the level of CK GUESS (I think we should be at the same level, in the table Of the field) are cheaper than Armani.
Comments five: Armani watches are OEM, do not have their own core technology. Although the appearance of the shape, but the material is not very enough, such as sapphire crystal glass Han are not. But the price is the price of these configurations, at every turn 3000, the price to buy orthodox Swatch Group’s low-end Swiss watches are enough, and the configuration is much higher.
Another point is that this brand into China, there will be “localization”, the so-called localization itself is not in the international style, in China to find OEM. If I see the official website of Armani, which side of the official website has a square on the left side of the watch, only in China’s official website there, other places are unified, more of a here in China, it is difficult to say Not the business to find Fake Cartier love jewelry China MIDE IN CHINA manufacturers foundry, which is the usual strategy of Chinese businessmen, domestic sales linked to foreign brands to sell … … if you go to what men ah, fashion brand of commercial buildings one by one to choose the so-called foreign brands, Check,
Summary, Armani watch three characteristics:
1) exquisite workmanship
2) elegant and luxurious
3) style fashion
4) on time not slow
Armani table itself is not very good, but the Armani table I think really good, have their own personality and style in it, than the GUESS and CK feel more taste. So I give the conclusion that if you are not bad money, buy Armani’s watch is possible, because his fashion sense is still very strong, but do not spend too much money.
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