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What is the quartz watch battery? Does the quartz watch need a battery? What are the main problems with the battery?
Does the quartz watch require a battery?
The answer is yes. Quartz watch operation requires a battery to drive.
The use of quartz crystal on a watch is a modern invention. The first quartz watch appeared for the first time in 1969. In this year, the Japanese Seiko company found how to make quartz tuning fork method. And the tuning fork will follow a regular vibration, when the quartz Cartier love bracelet replica crystal by the battery power, it will produce regular vibration.
Quartz watch battery classification
There are about three types of quartz watch batteries:
1, alkaline batteries LR
2, silver oxide battery SR
3, lithium battery CR or LI
Ordinary dry battery voltage will gradually decline with the use of silver oxide battery voltage only when the end of the life of the time, the voltage will suddenly drop, this feature to ensure the accuracy of quartz watch travel time has great benefits. But the problem is that you can not simply measure the battery voltage method to determine whether the battery power is sufficient, it is said that there is no quick and lossless instrument, to do this measurement.
Silver oxide battery has a high current output and low current output of the difference, according to the different types of watches to determine the type of battery should be used. If the watch has a noisy function or with a small light, the application of high current. (Such as the digital display of the quartz watch) Most quartz watches are used low current, replace the battery must be selected according to the specified model. Only the size of the same size and casually use, will cause the watch to work disorders, watch the lights and alarm power consumption thousands of times the normal travel time. So to extend the battery life, to minimize the number of lights and bells. Battery type behind the letter: SW that low current output, for the pointer quartz watch; with W that high current output for the use of trouble or with a digital quartz watch.
Good quality batteries, polished surface is very bright, trademark and letter mark clear, the side of Fake Cartier love bracelet the printed up the child, said the production date. Fake batteries are generally rough, imprinted fuzzy, and the use of extremely short. Watch the battery more well-known brands: Switzerland’s “RENATA” (it is independent of each battery packaging), Japan’s Seiko SEIKO, the quality is good, the quality of domestic better Changzhou “Dali.” Good quartz watch must use good quality batteries, poor batteries tend to bring harm to the watch.
Quartz watch battery using the main problem
Battery life and two factors: 1, the battery itself capacity, the greater the battery capacity, the smaller the power consumption is longer. 2, the size of the power consumption of the watch circuit, and now the power consumption of quartz watches are about 1 microamps or so, the battery capacity of about 4 ~ 40 MAH, lithium battery capacity to be larger. Generally speaking, the smaller the smaller the battery watch, the smaller the capacity, the use of short; two-pin watch than three needles or more pointer battery durable. In any case, under normal use, the battery should be guaranteed at least one year of use. If the watch frequent replacement of the battery, it is necessary to consider whether the circuit is faulty.
Leakage, alkali and gas up are common quality problems. Battery internal alkaline electrolyte (nano-hydroxide or potassium hydroxide) will be a serious corrosion movement, resulting in parts rust damage (I have a RADO table, that is, because the battery leak after the dial to the rust, and later spent 500 yuan for which dial) circuit nowhere. Watch because the battery is dead and stop, or long-term storage is not used, as far as possible to remove the battery to prevent the battery leakage and gas up. According to statistics, quartz watch failure is mostly caused by the battery. So, when your watch need to replace the battery, be sure to choose high-quality battery, but also to a reliable watch repair shop to replace.
Silver oxide battery even if there is no self-discharge phenomenon, humid and high temperature environment will increase the battery self-discharge, storage should be placed under low temperature dry conditions. Long-term use of the watch to pull out the table (two needles do not have), the battery temperature below 0 ℃, the battery current output will become very weak, with lights and alarm and digital display window Of the quartz watch, these features have to be affected.
Silver oxide batteries do not charge or roast, in the storage and installation, be careful not to cause a short circuit. Watches and clocks used to repair the old battery should be used to deal with, to prevent pollution caused by pollution.
When the quartz watch battery is replaced
In advance to predict their own quartz watch fast for the battery, but also to prevent the battery once exhausted, the watch stopped and we wear to bring trouble. Quartz watch battery life requirements are at least more than a year, the battery life and watch the battery size and battery capacity used in a direct relationship, the general large battery capacity is also large, lithium battery to compare the capacity of silver oxide battery Large, battery capacity long service life is long.
But also with the movement of the circuit power consumption, three needle or multi-pin multi-function quartz watch power consumption is relatively large, and two needles only simple function of the battery life is the longest. (Some can even use 3-4 years) So how do you find the quartz watch need to replace the battery?
Have the following:
First, the current quartz watches generally have battery life indication function. Three-pin (or with a second hand) quartz watch basically have battery life indicator function, when the battery capacity is running out, the voltage began to decline, the second hand will appear pause 4 seconds, and then quickly jump 4 seconds walking state The watch is paused for 2 seconds and then jumps quickly for 2 seconds. This function is called EOL (ie BATTERY END-OF-LIFE INDICATION). This phenomenon must appear in time to replace the battery, during which the watch can only be transported for about a week to half a month. (Two-pin quartz watch without this function)
Second, the import watch in the table after the purchase of the stickers are marked on the next date for the battery.
When you buy the watch should be noted that the back cover of the stickers on the next Replica Cartier jewelry marked the date of the battery, but usually the actual use of the battery will be longer.
Third, the watch suddenly appeared to slow or when the time to stop the situation.
When the battery power drops, the capacity is insufficient, the battery resistance will increase, the voltage drop, especially when there is relatively large current output or the outside temperature is relatively low, the watch will stop or suddenly appear slow or Take the time to stop the phenomenon.
Fourth, the digital display of the watch shows bleak, there are alarm when the alarm function of the number of disappearance.
Digital display of the watch lights and alarm function are particularly power, if the lights and alarm when the LCD digital display becomes dark or even disappear, it shows that the battery. Replace the battery should be in accordance with the provisions of the original model, can not try to use charging or roasted way to restore the old battery power. If the watch is always frequent need to replace the battery situation, it is necessary to check the watch circuit is a problem. (This website http://www.guuoo.com/ transferred from the million table network)
Quartz watch battery price
Watch batteries are generally divided into two kinds: has always been Switzerland, the other is Japan. The specific price but also according to the movement model and battery model to know. Quartz battery price difference is too big, more than a dozen pieces of expensive, expensive hundreds of, of course, the effect is indeed a penny goods.
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