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2017-07-18 01:05:39 | 日記
Cartier Ballon Bleu DE Cartier flowers fret Mosaic decoration wrist parrot.Over the years, Cartier eager to face challenges, after accumulate over a long period, created a series of superior wrist watch. In order to praise the beauty of the flowers are mortal and save forever, it this year, Cartier introducing a new kind of flower details enchases craft tabulation, make 42 mm Ballon cheap Cartier nail bracelet replica dial more colorful.

The table is the perfect combination of two kinds of technology, one kind is first used in tabs, as flowers fragile delicate and charming into eternity; Another came from jewelry field, make the dial more precious beauty.

Two kinds of technology complement each other, creating a new magic and bright color, blue and orange feathers, deep black beaks, green eyes, and bright white diamonds inlaid at the bottom of the dial and the crown. There has never been a Ballon Bleu DE Cartier nail bracelet replica presents such a profusion of color!

Will be fleeting beauty into eternity, requires a lot of time and a series of steps multifarious craft: collect petals and coloring, placing each petal on a very thin wood, then with the help of details set foot saw to cut it into the required shape. So they morphed into a wing feathers. The material of this rare noble and fresh, sensibility, fragile, full of shape and texture and black agate beaks and emerald eyes glare colour contrasts. To make the black and grey feathers around the eyes more striking, the spot need to adopt micro painting process completed one by one. Inlaid with diamond, the details of the dozens of hours to create in Cartier love ring replica shop to make such a beautiful face.

About the jewelry watches, VOGUE fashion net net friends have their own attitude. Every week, VOGUE fashion jewelry watches net library will automatically make the item according to the netizens love index ranking TOP5. The real data and ranking list, and confirm the people to the be fond of of excellent gorgeous jewelry and watches. If you happen to have such purchase plan and do not know how to start, then the VOGUE list may help you, combines the good word of mouth in one sheet is tasted, will not be poor.

TOP1: treasure pearl it phases of the moon lady wrist watch

In 2012, the famous Swiss watch brand, pearl grandly launched its new wrist watch, create colorful elegant female glamour. The hour meter both phases of the moon, profit and loss and retrograde date display function will be romantic and tabulation creative perfect fusion one, will certainly to capture a lot of female fans heart…

Ranked by: Cartier love bracelet replica Cirque animalier DE Cartier series eagle decorative wrist watch

Full of emotional expression, pithy jewelry craft, are the main features of the original watches. Cartier combines oneself in multiple areas of professional and technical, to create these miniature theater, with 3 d model of animals in the surrounding the circle in the center of the dial…

TOP3: earl Piaget Limelight series wrist watch

Limelight series on the stage, the Limelight series has become the leading role. If the clock and watch making described as a movie, the Limelight wrist watch is under the camera flash blossom starlight star, attract attention…

TOP4: BVLGARI bulgari Catene series of 18 k rose gold wrist watch

Bold and perceptual, smooth and rich, Catene wrist watch with a funny logo for ladies watch creative fields opened the new field of vision. 18 k rose gold bracelet in wrist wrapped two laps, copy is like the second skin generally display to ms gently beautiful curve, bold and striking, is a masterpiece…

TOP5: Chaumet month under the watch of wrist of listening to the wind

Mother-of-pearl disc lit the lapis lazuli dial, and stone decoration stars. At this point, the light of the moon glowing in the dark night sky, slowly and illuminate the night scene. In the details of the outline of coloured drawing or pattern lifelike grass and flowers…
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