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Patek philippe Ref. 6002 days on astronomical tourbillon watches, clocks and watches from the point of view, Ref. 6002, the difference of its predecessor. Although replica Cartier love bracelet RTO 27 QR SID LU CL is the watchmaker in Geneva is the most complicated watch machine core, but the idea is not as far as possible to add more features, but in the compact case of wrist fusion complex functions: most attractive, according to the calendar and automatic recoverable date asked three time, the tourbillon, stars, shows that the northern sky, sky transform on line trajectory and the phases of the moon. Indicators weeks, leap year and month are replaced with the Windows display, 6 of the location of the display to replace for the phases of the moon, the classic arc cutting design, show a wrist watch poetic personality.

Lundgren Grand Complication unprecedented set a number of complex function, every 10 shows, eight kinds of function, set limit to six, under the clear and readable enamel dial, lundgren this type carrying L1902 movement wrist watch contains a large number of elaborately decorated parts, for the advanced TAB art the most delicate of several complex functions gives life: can make any big and small from the sound of the ringing device, 3 q time device, with integral plate and 1/5 double jump seconds after injection timing clock, as well as the tables show the phases of the moon calendar.

Treasure ji new Reine Fake Cartier love bracelet Naples Day/Night show ladies watch Day and Night, emotional desire of brinkmanship between the sun and moon, act on the dial up the dance of the grandeur of the time. Therefore, breguet movement developed the new patent technology, layout of double face, according to a display time in traditional way, the second display, day and night time complex function. In order to present the airport of fantasy scenes, and treasure ji choose green Jin Shipan represents the blue sky, the white clouds in the blue sky on embedded natural mother-of-pearl, gold stars, and manual engraving titanium moon pattern.

Obviously, double framework of biaxial synchronous precision rotate the tourbillon whether wrist watch in what position can counteract the effects of gravity. Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3 excellence Jubilee traditional ball the tourbillon 3 masters series of spherical tourbillon watches equipped with conspicuous all the more. Double tourbillon framework, exactly a week outside the framework of axial rotation per minute, within the framework rotates once every 24 seconds – rotation per minute 2.5 weeks – the realization of this achievement is not only benefit from a factory engineers and the watchmaker, outstanding creativity, like 5 axis automatic production device is also dependent on the modern sophisticated equipment. Finally, using the shearing section.at light material made by aluminum hundred pieces of parts constitute the combination mechanism of the total weight is less than 1 g, is a feat in the field of micro mechanical.

Roger dubuis four balance wheel balance spring siliceous wrist watch, due to the gravity effect, with the wrist swing, changing the position of the wrist watch which have run error. Although the tourbillon can partially solve this problem, but the Excalibur Quatuor provides a new solution. The four Excalibur Quatuor balance wheel balance spring, work in http://www.aier.su, elaborate layout, can instantly operation error caused by the offset position change. In other words, the tourbillon one minute to offset gravity, Excalibur Quatuor can instantly offset.

Jacques DE ROM gold foil, carve patterns or designs on woodwork enamel at the small dial watch, will come from the 18th century antique gold leaf on the large flame enamel dial, calcining in 1000 degrees high temperature fire and become the big fire table enamel disc has a reputation for wen run full colour and lustre, dial fire into semi-finished products, the master will be fine in the duck’s gold leaf have been placed on the translucent enamel, arranged in a unique pattern. This not only profound proficiency of the need and temper, more need to be careful careful scientific computing.

This year, the chanel “Mademoiselle Prive” wrist Watch series “Camelia brode” watches won the “best art craft wrist Watch” (Artistic Crafts Watch) award, by the most excellent enamel technician, carving artisans and diamond division of this new series, the top TAB with the excellence of top class gem craft, since 1924, Lesage embroidery fang has been cooperating with famous advanced set uniform and haute couture brand, with long time handmade and unique craftsmanship, present a myriad of exquisite works. This is Lesage workshop apply the embroidery craft to dial in for the first time. Each embroidery is unique, and embodies the embroidery craftsman carefully crafted and creative think of opportunely.

This year, Cartier love ring replica gold of a born in the early stage of human civilization process, metal beads, pour into the enormous enthusiasm. The Cartier d senior Art series wrist watch with metal bead craft, make this one can be traced back to three thousand BC the experience of the first half of the ancient and precious handicraft, show a new look. This extremely complicated decoration craft in the Etruscan (Etrurie) civilization first reached the peak in one thousand, its representative work is the world famous by “the yi lu terry and metal bead” (granulation etrusque) decoration of ancient artifacts. Metal bead craft, is to cut the gold thread wrapped in high temperature heating, until form tiny beads, the whole process seemed to be sown gold “grain”. Then put these jin-zhu huang grain of one in need of parts, and merge with the gold base, so as to create a vivid stereo embossed pattern.

Fine wood Mosaic, also called marquetry art, palmer Johnny Tonda Woodstock (us version) table is adopted the technology. Guitar is a kind of instrument has natural ties with wood marquetry, designers have decided with the British flag and the flag of the United States design as the setting of the hour meter design inspiration, to the two rock ‘n’ roll history’s most influential country. Every after marquetry process carve of dial contains more than 50 piece of wood dyeing, after 10 days of hard work to build. The wood through the effort to design, cutting, assembly, and then to the naked eye it seems smooth plane.

Bulgari Commedia dell “Arte wrist watch, every scene of dial draw inspiration from the improvisational comedy, itself is a kind of Replica Cartier love bracelet, sculpture technology is the first step of art, to simulate the scene five times magnification, master of art with 18 k gold started mould parts of the actual size in the scene. Carved with the wrong application of both implementation outline, the effect of depth and volume. Have four levels on each of the dial, followed by a central figure, decals side character, prospects for decoration as well as the background. After working in patience and exquisite carving, micro painting teacher need to use more than ten kinds of basic colors, take three to five weeks to complete the whole scene. Besides grasping the scene of small size, small painting teacher still that need to be very careful when painting – either directly on the gold disc or depict character itself – micro painting teacher must deal with the precious metals in the process of carving Nick, and colour is used to describe the staggered light, shadow and transparent, and for different parts of the choice of complementary color.
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