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2017-07-12 17:33:10 | 日記
This year’s launch of the high-level jewelry is Festa, Festa made with a new process made of. The first use of enamel to make, before the enamel process are generally used in Replica Bvlgari Jewelry, the use of the Festa, gives a bright spot.
Bvlgari has just launched a new season of fine jewelry works – Festa, with colorful gems and enamel craft to show the theme of the festival. It is composed of three series: Tradizione represents the Italian traditional celebration of the horse racing festival and the carnival; the Festa interprets the femininity of the Italian aristocrat; Infazia is full of lovely elements such as childlike, embellished cakes, balloons, gift boxes and other childhood parties.
Unlike the Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. Festa’s color is more rich, and joined the gem of embellishment, precious stones and enamel combination, so that the whole jewelry more with a festive atmosphere. Suitable for wearing in a variety of major festivals is also very valuable collection.
Tradizione draws inspiration from traditional Italian festivals, dances and gourmet cuisine, such as Palio di Siena’s themed necklace, with 17 gems to show the 17 badges of the team; the culinary theme of the works can be seen in the most interested in Italian cuisine Spices “chili”, the jeweler in particular the red tourmaline, amethyst cut into sharp corners with the arc shape, with olivine and green tourmaline carved leaves.
Festa is the new gem set in the most gorgeous series, each piece of jewelry to an important Italian royal or aristocratic women as the theme – a pendant necklace to Napoleon sister Paolina Borghese wedding crown tribute, the main stone for a 180.98ct Burmese sapphire; Elizabeth Taylor 40-year-old birthday gift for the long necklace is a mosaic of 59.11ct of the Colombian emerald.
Infazia is “childhood” in Italian, the designer through the gift boxes, snow bales, cakes, locomotives and other elements full of playful to create a lovely and moving jewelry. Cartoon style gift pendant, shiny vintage snow pad popsicles, you can see the arc cut gem and colorful enamel is how to complete these juvenile works of art.
Design inspiration from pepper, mosaic arc cut red tourmaline and amethyst, leaves for carving green tourmaline and olivine, dotted with small round diamonds.
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