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Jaeger-LeCoultre is what grade the brand

2017-07-27 00:08:31 | 日記
For the Jaeger-LeCoultre table is not familiar with the friend may ask the product family is what grade brand? In fact, Jaeger-LeCoultre watch is a world-class brand, Jaeger-LeCoultre watch core is the world’s most sophisticated watch core, many internationally renowned Watch manufacturers are in the product to buy the finished product watch core.
Jaeger-LeCoultre belongs to the world’s top brands Cartier love bracelet replica . Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are not only one of the pioneers of the traditional watchmaking process defenders, but also the precise timing technology and design field. Excellent quality, innovative concepts and exquisite workmanship, so that Jaeger-LeCoultre watches become the industry leader.
The world’s top ten watch brand
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As one of the world famous watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are constantly developing and growing. Now, Jaeger-LeCoultre has more than 900 employees, are in the mechanical aspects of the highest attainments of the top engineers. The brand has also been a lot of people welcome, and now an ordinary Jaeger-LeCoultre has been sold for 50,000 yuan. Jaeger-LeCoultre watches have now become a symbol of status and status.
Omar Ocean Ocean Series watch evaluation
Omega Ocean universe watch is a widely concerned by the majority of Friends of a diving watch table. This diving watch dial and strap with blue, exquisite appearance and powerful features are deeply attracted to the table fans friends. Today, the watch home for you to bring this Omega hippocampus series and marine cosmic watch evaluation it!
Omar Ocean Ocean Series watch evaluation
Rolex Water Ghost and Greenwich GMTII watch is undoubtedly a more classic and traditional style of sports watch, while the marine universe series is different, it uses more modern size, style and options. Omega more or less produced a modern luxury diving watch prototype, and competitors — water ghost is more focused on the production of “eternal diving table.” Sorry, the two compete there is no clear winner: they are in their respective areas of production are excellent and excellent watch. Obviously, the same category should be allowed to have different styles and taste of the watch coexistence.
Please allow me to say that the marine universe watch series has been difficult to shoot in line with its market image of large. Although the official sample watch appearance magnificent, but you really need to actually take in the hands of play and enjoy it. Omega design of the case, dial and sapphire crystal in the light show the effect is difficult to use the Cartier love ring replica camera to capture. Watch shoot out is very clear, because the Omega with a curved crystal and dial reflective elements. Omega Seamaster series Ocean universe is also a very professional diving table, but its style is still slightly show off and high-profile, which is worthy of attention.
Omar Ocean Ocean Series watch evaluation
Omega has also made for everyone’s Omega Seamaster series of marine cosmic watch, in addition to a series of color dial style, there are three-pin, chronograph and GMT function table to choose from. The latter, is the evaluation of the Omega Seamaster series of the latest version of the marine universe, the style was released in 2013. In addition to adding GMT functionality, the third dimension is added to the existing 42 and 45mm model sizes – GMT is 43.5 mm. In my opinion, this is the perfect size of the Omega Seamaster Sea Series. You may not understand that many people in the Omega product development team, as well as the chief executive, feel that this hippocampus is just right for them. Of course, 42,45 mm wide ocean universe table is not wrong, I personally from the heart like the size of the table. I just want to clarify that the three-pin version has two sizes of 42 and 45mm, while the chronograph is only available in 45mm size.
Omega needs to attract a large number of different types of consumers around the world, which helps explain why GMT watches have so many combinations of dials to choose from. This special section is a black dial and bezel with orange decoration, which includes orange colored Arabic numerals. Black dial gives a conservative appearance of the impression, but with orange figures will be with a trace of sports atmosphere, it is more dynamic. There are orange GMT needle, and dial on the “GMT” words. I tested the high-end rubber strap version, of course, Omega hippocampus series of marine cosmic watch is more suitable for metal bracelet. I will choose the rubber sheet, of course, the wearer can have two straps for replacement, but this table does not have a Vanguard like a fast strap replacement system. This can only hope that the future of Omega can improve this.
Omar Ocean Ocean Series watch evaluation
Most people on the Omega Seamaster series of marine cosmic watch the most complain about the case thickness, which is my own this watch the only dissatisfaction with the place. But the case thickness is not particularly thick, and will not make people feel the thickness of the proportion of disproportionate. Most of the time, I like some sense of weight on my wrist, but to say that for a sports watch, if the shape is slightly slim I wear it more frequency. And even heard some people complain that the modern Rolex water ghost is too thick, and I actually feel that Rolex Shui ghost in the diving table in the field of light and beautiful. 300 meters relative to the water ghost waterproof performance It is worth mentioning that the Omega Seamaster series of marine cosmic watch with 600 meters of water resistance. At some point, extra durability becomes a purely showing off the right, but it does need thicker case and sapphire crystal.
More importantly, with the 600-meter waterproof performance can be compared with it let the movement at any time visible sapphire crystal table back, in fact, this design in this depth of the diving table is extremely rare.
Omar Ocean Ocean Series watch evaluation
Classic design of the Omega Seamaster series of marine universe shell seems never outdated, handsome power and prestige. Most of the brushed handle case, flanking is polished, helping to emphasize its shape. The ears are a bit like a big cat’s claws, a Omega hippocampus series of marine cosmic watch, of course, with a row of helium valve.
Although most of the Omega hippocampus series of marine cosmic Cartier nail bracelet replica watch has a one-way submersible rotating bezel, but GMT watch has a 24-hour scale bezel, it becomes two directions. Normally I would say that this rotation provides a third time zone, but in this case, the bezel is best used to do the 24 hour tick of the GMT needle. This is because it is not like other GMT watches, the table dial does not have an independent 24 hour tick. This really diminishes the function of the Omega Seahu series of marine cosmic Greenwich standard time, but having said that I have never personally found it necessary to travel or at home when the third time zone is needed. You can still use the bezel as the timing bezel if you are on the minute hand, just like using a traditional dive rotating bezel.
Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Cosmic Diving Watch The bezel is a key discussion point, the bezel base material is steel, the bezel has black ceramic and matte dichroic digital markings. 12 o’clock position there is a luminous mark, this is not Omega more durable liquid metal technology, some Omega hippocampus series of marine cosmic watches have. As far as I know, Omega is trying to introduce more liquid metal watches, but from the production point of view technically still challenging.
Dial on the luminous eyes bright, these “wide arrow” type of hour and minute hand has never been admit, the dial on the thick luminous coating in the dark shine, Omega in the second needle and GMT needle have luminous coating, Silver date font and the perfect combination of white dial.
Today’s Omega Seamaster series of marine cosmic watches are used Omega self-produced movement. Omega has always been “all self-produced” movement of the direction of continuous progress, and Omega Seamaster series of marine universe has always been the first movement of the new chronograph family. With the Omega hippocampus series of marine universe GMT watch release, Omega in the 8500 movement based on the development of the 8605 coaxial escapement automatic chronograph movement. Omega in this application of a lot of excellent advanced technology, including coaxial escapement technology. Movement also has some silicon material parts, including escapement and gossamer. With the other Omega R & D to create the same movement, 8605 beautiful appearance, a variety of polished surface polished perfect fine. So that’s why it’s another good reason why Omega wants to design it. Of course, the movement passed the COSC Observatory certification.
Although I am a super metal bracelet fans, I also like Omega in the past few years the marine universe series on the application of high-end rubber strap. Black tape on the orange suture, just echo the color on the dial combination. It also has a folding folding clasp, attached to the wrist is very comfortable. Although the case is steel, folding buckle is made of titanium metal material. Personal advice in the actual movement to wear rubber strap is better because it can better protect the watch, but more formal or informal occasions, steel chain is a very good choice.
Over the years Omega will be independent research and development launched diving table to a certain rapid development to the high-end market, but the brand did not ignore their own needs, including a lot of additional value to prove worthy of the name. With world-class design, internal self-made movement, excellent accessories, and scratch-resistant ceramic and liquid metal bezel, few other brands can do as good as Omega.
Omega Seamaster Series Ocean universe GMT watches, model retail price of $ 7,800.
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