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Like the snake’s Bulgari Serpenti, perfectly presented the winding watch “winding winding” essence

2017-08-09 14:37:26 | 日記
Although the initial role of the watch is timing, but continues to this day, its decorative role more and more attention. Especially for modern fashionable urban women, the strap played by the decorative effect is particularly important. When one day you get up early with a sudden when you have a watch or a bracelet tangled, then it is time to let the wrist watch to help you swept away.

Recently, the major watch brands have introduced different styles of winding watch, stainless steel double spiral strap, leather chain strap, pearl strap and other styles, choose a lot. Look at the type of people’s interpretation, maybe make you love at first sight of the decorative watch here!

Like the snake’s Bulgari Serpenti, perfectly presented the winding watch “winding winding” essence. Regardless of wearing the ultimate simplicity, or the basis of the general shape, with the snake wrapped around the wrist of the touch of embellishment, to create a unique charm of charm, completely nothing under the words.

Bulgari Serpenti watch, stainless steel double helix bracelet, red paint dial, naisa sun pattern decoration, case inlaid bright cut diamonds

Bulgari Serpenti watch, green water snakeskin double lap strap, green paint dial, 18K rose gold case, crown inlaid with an egg-shaped cut pink tourmaline

Bvlgari Serpenti Jewelery watch, 18K rose gold case, sapphire crystal dial, 18K rose gold double helix bracelet, bracelet inlaid bright cut diamonds
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