Ultrafine mill is accumulated in the mill for many years

Ultrafine mill is based on the accumulation of years

Analysis of feeding mode of construction waste crusher

2017-07-06 17:37:27 | 旅行

Construction waste treatment equipment is a new type of hydraulic construction waste crusher], garbage disposal equipment of this type of building is another important breakthrough in the traditional crushing equipment based on fusion of American technology material layer crushing principle and static pressure theory. It offers unmatched crushing performance in a variety of crushing, crushing and crushing operations. It is a new generation of mine construction industry. It is the ideal equipment for crushing large scale stone plant and mining industry. Construction waste treatment equipment is a dynamic and vertebral fixed cone consists of two parts, the equipment uses a unique "crushing" and "particles laminated crushing" principle, through the use of special laminated crushing cavity design principle of intergranular and speed matching, to replace the traditional single particle crushing principle, broken selective material, make the grain size more uniform, grain type is cube. Construction waste treatment equipment of crushing cavity Mancang feeding on the one hand, to ensure the efficiency of the motor at the same time, can make the material cavity packed with portable crusher plant cavity material in close contact, after the break of the grain is more uniform, in full feeding conditions, can make the final products of laminated crushing, grain shape and more excellent. Cubic particle content is more. On the other hand, when the grain type is ensured, the lining plate is also reduced to make the abrasion uniform, and the local wear is not serious, while the other place has no wear and tear, thereby ensuring the large utilization of the lining board.

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