Ultrafine mill is accumulated in the mill for many years

Ultrafine mill is based on the accumulation of years

What is the output of the construction waste production line?

2017-07-11 16:39:52 | 日記

Construction waste is one of the main raw materials of the mechanism sand, the waste crusher is the important equipment of the construction waste processing line, many people who intend to invest in the construction waste processing production line of the construction waste crusher used in the production is not clear, this article to help you understand the common building waste crusher production, convenient for the needs of users to invest in the construction of waste crusher.

Building waste crusher is also called impact-type building waste crusher, its production capacity and equipment of large size, speed, the power distribution machine, to our company production of building waste crusher, building waste crusher model is different, when the output is different. For example, waterfall and center feeding way equipment, unit production capacity in 120~180t/h, and the central feeding equipment, unit production capacity between 60~90t/h, the model of the building waste crusher is a small building waste treatment equipment, large-scale building waste treatment equipment in general production capacity can be reached 520t/h, the user purchase should be based on the actual production needs to invest in the purchase.

As the key equipment in the construction waste processing production line, the more productive capacity and the higher user benefit, the paper also recommends to the user a building waste crusher production capacity of a relatively strong professional building waste treatment equipment Manufacturers-company Industrial Technology Group.

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