Vacuum flask can be divided

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The Cosmetic packaging must be easy to use, with a little maintenance charge and it must be according to the most up-to-date technology. The features of this machine must be trouble-free with digital production counter. The companies must offer sales service for the usefulness of the customers. Labeling machines accelerate the whole manufacturing procedure and lessen the manufacturing costs. We Provide a range of different types of machines with different features. A few of them are briefed here. Semi automatic labeling machine is appropriate for the small scale industries. It is appropriate for labeling on round vials, bottles and further round things.

The Fully Automatic Labeling Machine fit in most modern sophisticated Micro Processor Controlled Stepper Motor Drive, Fiber Optic Label and Container sensing system. This machine is a single sided sticker labeling machine is appropriate to apply accurate labels on front or back side of plane/oval/square shaped goods.

The two sides of the glass is usually silver-plated, the middle is vacuum, there is a plug in the bottle mouth. The water in the bottle can be kept a certain temperature inside the bottle in a long time. And generally, those are used to store hot water are called thermos flask, and those for cold food are generally called ice flask. The inventor of vacuum flask is Jameson Dewar in the year of 1892. Dewar is an English chemist and physicist. So the vacuum flask is also called Dewar flask. However, the man who realize the multifunction of vacuum flask is a Germany glass manufacturing worker Reinhold Berg. In 1903, he won the vacuum flask patents and at the same year he established plan to put it into the market. Berg even had a match to give a good name for his vacuum flask. The name he chose is Semo Si, namely vacuum bottle in Greek word. The vacuum bottle of Berg got a very good success. And he began to manufacture them and sell them to all over the world.

Vacuum flask can be divided into three types: 1. Small mouth type. Usually it is also called vacuum bottle. The mouth diameter of it is small, has very good insulation performance, and it is mainly used for the storage of hot water, hot drinks and the frying of traditional Chinese medicine, hot and cold juice. 2. Big mouth type. It is usually also called vacuum ice bottle. Its mouth diameter is big, easy and convenient to store and take out items. It is mainly used to store ice, cold drink with containers, iced medicament, the liquid gas and fermentation-proof material, etc. Of course, it can be also used for the storage of hot food, hot beverages with containers. 3. Cup type. Usually it is also called vacuum cup. Its mouth diameter is big, but is has small capacity. It is a kind of cup mainly used for a short time storage, which can reduce the environmental temperature to the influence of internal things.

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