The game did not Rooney

2017-04-05 13:40:46 | 日記
The game did not Rooney, the Borgba pass is very free, the choice of the attack immediately more and up and less Rooney ball stop the ball to speed up the attack speed to speed up a lot Dominik Simon Jersey, Borgba's pass whether to find Iraq Cloth, Mata or find two winger players, can form a threat, so that opponents are difficult to focus on defense. 20 minutes before the game Manchester United's new lineup is still in the run-in, when the run-in, the attack immediately played the clouds.

In the Asian U16 Asian Football Championships on September 23, Uzbekistan's first battle against North Korea, the first half of the 49th minute, Uzbekistan goalkeeper Umul Zakov in the restricted area near the big feet out of the ball Out of a long arc, over half of the stadium later to the Korean team's frontcourt Nick Bonino Jersey. Attack the DPRK goalkeeper Zhang Baihao leaked the top, failed to meet the ball. Zhang Bohao quickly turned back to chase, but he may think that the ball will deviate from the goal Andrew Ebbett Jersey, so hesitated, missed the ball to hold the best time.

Antonelli has not yet been wounded, the last round of the game has been training alone in the current round of the West is still continuing to practice alone. According to the sky sports news, Desi Leo seems to back sad; although the "Gazzetta dello Sport," the forecast is still starting in the starting lineup, but once the player's physical conditions can not meet the standard, then Monterey must find out The right person to fill the vacancy Paul Coffey Jersey. Sky Sports thinks Antonion may be able to catch this round of the game.
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