Inter scored seven goals

2017-04-05 13:40:45 | 日記
Inter scored seven goals in the first five rounds of the league, six of which were Ikardi scored, and the only goal that Ikardi scored was also from his assists. In addition to the first round of defeat and no goal of the game, Ikardi now each league has a goal, as long as the "thigh" to continue this goal efficiency, Inter want to continue winning streak is not difficult.

Knee injury almost destroyed Diarra's career, he gradually played in the Real Madrid game. 11/12 season, Diarra played only 11 games in Monaco. In 2012 to 2014, Diarra in Fulham also played only 25 Premiership. In the summer of 2014, Diarra announced his retirement. But now, the Marians have chosen to come back. Now the physical state can play 90 minutes, and he only trained only six weeks Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey. "Brentford boss Dean - Smith said," his rich experience, can bring help to young people.

22:15 tonight, Barcelona will be in the first round of the league against the Gijon Athletic Tom Sestito Jersey. Barcelona officially announced the big list Eric Fehr Jersey, Bidar fourth consecutive games unsuccessful Matt Murray Jersey, he seems to have been blocked. In the press conference before the press, Enrique refused to respond to Argentine coach Bausa criticism, he declared that "all of us are looking forward to Messi good."
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