31 minutes Lucius left cross

2017-04-05 13:16:16 | 日記
31 minutes Lucius left cross, Boggs small area within the restricted area to push the door, 1 to 0.55 minutes Gabriel right-sided biography, Nevis headed home, 1 to 1.68 minutes Dia Sri Lanka, Gabriel small restricted area before the header broke, 1 to 2. Raco home 2-game losing streak, Leganes ended 2-game losing streak David Warsofsky Jersey. 42 minutes Harvey - Lopez on the right pass, Baptisteauo header header, 0 to 1.68 minutes Romero left pass Nick Bonino Jersey, Sergio - Leon restricted the right side of the road Tuishe Break, 1 to 1.72 minutes Moreno restricted area left oblique far corner break, 1 to 2. Osasuna season victorious, the Spanish season first win.

Rooney thanked Mourinho for his trust and praised the work of the Portuguese coach. "I think he came to Manchester United after the work is great Daniel Winnik Jersey, his training methods and the front coach is very different, very good, he always before the game can do enough to prepare the game in the hands of Mourinho Sidney Crosby Jersey, Manchester United will come back, our performance this season will be different.

Ronaldo then praised the old friend Zinedine Zidane: "For football, he has his own unique insights and I think he behaved very well, he was calm, know how to deal with journalists, ease control locker room to bring Real Madrid too difficult, but It is not impossible. The key is that the team must be full of desire for victory, everyone should think of to win.We have often send text messages, but now he is too busy.
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