The second half of the game

2017-04-05 13:16:14 | 日記
The second half of the game, Felipe restricted area before the big foot siege, the Soviet Union before the interception of the foot is not closed, but the feet at the right of the Feili Pei picked up the right foot. The results of Felipe kick kicked in the Soviet gods spikes, the Brazilian people immediately fell to the ground, Suarez because of the pedaling foul to eat yellow card. Suddenly, the god of the gods expressed dissatisfaction with Felipe, and after the Brazilians got up, the god of the Soviet Union revealed his teeth, but this time he did not bite, but against Felipe curse up. From the analysis of the media after the game can be seen, Suarez said: "Te tiraste, payaso! Cag, eres un cag!" And translated into Chinese, meaning "get out of you this clown! The

Since the summer of 2015, after joining Liverpool, ready to play in the Clop's ambition, due to the impact of injury, the Red Army teenager in the 2015-2016 season Tom Sestito Jersey, only six appearances, starting three times, and hit Two goals. As a striker, Inns has great speed and explosive power, which is the young England international can move the reason of Klopp. After the injury back, he has been trying to prove his ability on the pitch, so in the Liverpool team a firm foothold. Believe that by virtue of Danny - Ince's talent and hard work, he certainly can in all aspects to play their own strengths, both in the pitch or outside the stadium David Warsofsky Jersey.

The fifth quarter of the fourth period of Mourinho non-madman Rooney Road Bogba, by Yan Qiang planning and presided over the first file of China's Internet football talk show "Super Yan" Derrick Pouliot Jersey, every Friday, Yan Qiang will be in the "super-Yan ", With everyone to enjoy the football culture of different kind of charm Nick Spaling Jersey. This episode heard Yan Qiang for you to analyze the three-game losing streak of Mourinho and the dilemma of the Red Devils Manchester United.
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