非常に正確なIBM Software Technical Mastery P8060-028質問と回答は完全に準備します

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P8060-028試験情報 :

試験名称:IBM Emptoris Strategic Supply Management Technical Mastery Test v1
IBM Software Technical Mastery P8060-028テストはEmptoris戦略的サプライマネジメントソフトウェアの販売および技術的な知識を証明する営業担当者に適用可能であり、ソリューションの識別、製品の差別化、および競争力のあるポジショニングを介して顧客に包括的なビジネス?ソリューションを提供できる専門的な技術の販売を対象としています。

P8060-028出題項目 :

Section 1 - Technical Features and Architecture (79%)
Emptoris Contract Management
Emptoris Sourcing
Emptoris Spend Analysis
Mapping customer requirements to Solution Components

Section 2 - Supplier Lifecycle Management (21%)
Supplier Lifecyle management processes
Configuring Supplier Lifcycle management

弊社のIBM Software Technical Mastery P8060-028参考書を使用すれば、高額教育活動にわざわざ参加する必要がなく、ただ10時間か20時間の気楽に一連の準備、勉強記憶及び模擬テストだけで、受験できます。
非常に正確なIBM Software Technical Mastery P8060-028質問と回答は完全に準備します。

1.The field label description can be changed by pointing at the field and pressing?
A.Ctrl Alt and left mouse button
B.Ctrl Alt and right mouse button
D.Ctrl & F1
2.What is a "measure"?
A.Data that can be aggregated across the client's dimensions; i.e.currencies, can be formula-based.
B.Data elements that can be Searched or made available through the transaction view.
C.The total spend reflected in the spend cube.
D.Data the client intends to filter or further breakdown; used to run crosstabs and submit feedback.
3.Identifying poor performing suppliers for mission critical categories is enabled by?
A.Supplier Qualification
B.Supplier Evaluation
C.Supplier Development
D.Supplier Risk
4.Which of the following is an example of Sourcing allowing an organization to streamline the Award
A.RFP award passed directly to contract.
B.RFP bids exported to Excel for offline negotiation.
C.Suppliers proposing specific items they should be awarded with based on capability.
D.Team members linked to an RFx being able to communicate with one another via instant messaging
within an RFx.
5.What is a bookmark?
A.Saves the state of a page in the Dimensions view.The filters, dimension window positions and settings,
graphs, cross-tab charts, menus and reports for the Spend Analyzer are all preserved for later reference.
B.Helps the user analyze data minutely.He/she can apply multiple filters to the data and also apply parallel
filters, where he/she can filter data using multiple rows in the same dimension.
C.Contains multiple panels.Each panel in turn contains select data that the user wants to view in a tabular
or graphical format.Dashboards are customizable and users can apply filters to a panel.Applying filters on
one panel correspondingly applies filters to the other panels on the dashboard.
D.Saves the last view the user was on when he/she logs out of the system.
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