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試験名称:IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Sales Skills V2
対応資格:IBM Certified Sales Specialist - Power Systems with POWER8 V2
問題数: 62
試験時間: 120
合格率: 66%
C9010-260試験の候補者は、IBM Power Systemsの販売および/または販売サポートの役割の経験を持っている必要があります。

Testpassportは高度にIBM Power Systems with POWER8 V2 C9010-260認定試験を準備するためのさまざまなリソースを使用することをお勧めします。
弊社のIBM Power Systems with POWER8 V2 C9010-260受験対策の品質と価値は最も最新し、きっとパスすることが保証します。
弊社のIBM Power Systems with POWER8 V2 C9010-260問題集は一年で無料アップデートすることに提供することができます。

IBM Certified Sales Specialist - Power Systems with POWER8 V2 C9010-260出題内容:
General Product Knowledge (27%)
Competition (15%)
Value Proposition (29%)
High Level Solution Design (29%)

IBM Power Systems with POWER8 V2 C9010-260問題集を使って、認証育成など行かなくでも、一発合格することを保証いたします。
弊社のC9010-260(IBM Power Systems with POWER8 Sales Skills V2)過去問は試験の変化に基づいて更新されて、常に95%以上だと確信されて、お客様ために役立つ資料を得られます。
弊社のIBM Power Systems with POWER8 V2 C9010-260練習問題集は例題で実力を蓄え、模擬試験で弱点を見付け出し、出題ポイントの解説で合格を目指しましょう。
最全面的なIBM Power Systems with POWER8 V2 C9010-260問題と解答を提供するだけでまく、一年間の無料更新サービスも提供いたします。

1. A potential IBM POWER8 customer is worried about the life of RISC processor.
Which of the following response should help the customers do not have to worry too much about
investment in Power System's?
A. Because IBM support Little Endian, AIX and IBM i will be able to run on x86.
B. IBM operating system and Power Technology Roadmap emphasizes the IBM technology promises.
C. Even if POWER stop production, all IBM applications and middleware have been ported to Linux.
D. IBM assure OpenPOWER foundation that IBM will continue to develop POWER chips in the next 10
Answer: B
2.A customer is close to maximum energy consumption in their data center and wants to measure and
predict energy use.
Which POWER8 feature will provide the required function?
A. Power capping
B. Power saver mode
C. Power core nap mode
D. Power trending
Answer: D
3. Software developers can take advantage of what elements of POWER8 technology to optimize the
performance in E870?
A. transactional memory and SMT
B. Active Memory Expansion and store keys
C. first failure data capture (FFDC) and the service processor
D. Hypervisor and thermal power management device (TPMD)
Answer: A
4. Customers want to run an Oracle application which POWER8 and competitors platform both provide.
The Oracle application per core permission.
Which POWER8 processor advantage can provide a competitive advantage of total cost of ownership
(TCO) aspect?
A. core performance
B. 8 cores per processor
C. 3 memory cache
D. processor instruction retry
Answer: A
5. How does POWER8 technology bring to lower TCO?
A. higher performance core can reduce software license.
B. RAS feature means that no longer need to spend any cost on a failover system.
C. Power systems of lower energy consumption can be reduce 20% of the system cost.
D. Software License and Capacity on Demand make the minimum number of software license core.
Answer: A
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