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Digital inkjet printing technology is rich in textile products printing design

2017-06-14 11:41:03 | 日記
Digital inkjet is the rapid development of textile printing technology in recent years. In the 1990s, with the use of electronic color separation, color matching and other CAD technology in textile dyeing and finishing industry, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries to the paper for digital inkjet printing technology successfully transplanted to the fabric.flatbed cutter plotterDigital inkjet printing is the digital technology processing images into the computer, the computer printing color separation system after editing, by the special software to control the inkjet printing system, the special ink directly to the textile printing.Digital printing technology does not require color separation, draft, plate, network and color, pulp and other processes, will enter the computer image processing, you can print, production from the number, length limit. Digital printing technology greatly improved the clarity of ordinary printing and color changes, resolution from 360dpi until 144dpi, the color can be equipped with tens of millions, greatly enriched and meet the user requirements of the fabric varieties.pen press machine

Digital jet printing and four-color printing collaborative production of digital jet printing shortcomings is the low yield, high cost, manufacturers how to use digital jet printing machine proofing, and then conventional equipment four color printing, and to ensure that the rate of the two is Need to solve the problem.The subject was included in the national scientific and technological scrolling program, the researchers through the digital jet and four-color collaborative printing color separation system of common platform research, through CAD / CAM collaborative color separation software, key parameters and production process synergy and jet Printing ink and four-color printing dedicated dye supporting the organic combination of applications, to achieve a digital jet printing machine quickly proofing and four-color printing large-scale, low cost, less pollution, high-quality processing and production.flatbed cutter plotter
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