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Analysis of Several Problems in Heat Transfer Technology

2017-06-28 11:20:30 | 日記
1, Heat transfer time and temperature
In general, the Heat press set the temperature between 170-220 ° c can be hot stamping, hot stamping time and pattern size, the use of coating, ink, transfer paper, ambient temperature, humidity Different effects, there is no absolute formula, the higher the temperature the shorter the time required, the time range of 30-100 seconds or less.
2, Mug Heat Press Machine can bake different shapes of the cup?
     Mug Heat Press Machine can only be cylindrical, tapered or has a cylindrical cup, because Mug Heat Press Machine universal heating die diameter of 7-9cm in diameter, high 10.5cm, according to the most common straight cup design The demand for this cup is also the largest. If you want to do odd-shaped cups will be a separate development of a special-shaped cup mold, the cost is expensive, and can only be applied to a single cup. This is also a limitation of the current Mug Heat Press Machine.
3. Transfer to the cup, porcelain plate, metal plate pattern easy to scratch it? For a long time will not fade?
     transfer to the cup, porcelain plate, metal plate pattern is not easy to scratch. Stored in the room, then transfer the pattern can be saved for many years, but it does not prevent ultraviolet light, can not transfer things into the outdoor exposure.
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