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Screen printing is not as heat transfer technology

2017-06-09 12:53:09 | 日記
First I first analyze the screen printing:
If it is monochrome printing costs are still low, the use of good ink, regardless of any fabric are not restricted.

Need to make film and screen, if it is multi-color printing, then the cost is very expensive, the number of orders is small, the printing is very unrealistic.For the photo class pattern, screen clarity is very low, can not print a clear picture.Another screen printing is a color printed once, the error rate is high.Simple manual machine, the production of simple patterns okay, multi-color pattern printing, low efficiency, high scrap rate.And the automatic machine, good equipment, its price is very high Another screen printing is a color printed once, the error rate is high.

heat transfer:

Do not need to make film and screen, one can be printed. Once the whole image can be printed up completely, do not need to print according to the color, respectively.High-definition, high-definition photo patterns can also be easily printed. Printed multi-color or color photo design in sportswear and other non-cotton fabric, low cost, and completely fade.And Heat Press Machines is very cheap, simple operation.

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