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The Official Dr. Thomas E. Starzl Web site is the gateway to information about the historic medical career of Thomas Earl Starzl, whose multiple innovations in surgery and immunology changed the face of modern medicine. The core of Dr. Starzl’s work is contained in the Thomas E. Starzl Papers, currently being processed at the University of Pittsburgh’s Archives Service Center. This material reflects over 50 years of groundbreaking work, including immense volumes of correspondence with fellow surgeons and grateful patients, presentations and publications from a hugely prolific career, information on his bestselling autobiography The Puzzle People, and much more. Once completed, the Thomas E. Starzl Papers will contain over 350 boxes of material documenting both his professional and personal life.

In addition, the University of Pittsburgh has taken further steps to preserve and advance the work of this pioneering surgeon. The entirety of Dr. Starzl’s list of publications—over 2200 articles in all—has been scanned and is available through Pitt’s D-Scholarship program, providing a digital repository for a man who has been identified by the International Scientific Institute as the most highly-cited author in the history of clinical medicine.

All of this examination of Dr. Starzl’s career has served to illustrate what a powerful and far-reaching impact his work has had on the development of medicine throughout the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries. Through medical, statistical, and archival research, his influence will continue to grow well into the future.

Photo Gallery of Dr. Starzl

Dr. Starzl during a lecture in the late 1960s Dr. Starzl in preparation for an operation at Denver VA Hospital circa 1964 Dr. Starzl during a liver transplant operation in 1963 at Denver VA Hospital Dr. Starzl, Ochsner Medical Institutions, 1976 Dr. Starzl walks into a surprise party on his 50th birthday in March 1976. Dr. Starzl on his way to Long's Peak in the Rocky Mountains, 1977. Dr. Starzl with and his wife, Joy, Three Rivers Stadium, 1980s Dr. Starzl, shortly before retiring from surgery in 1991. Dr. Starzl Office Photo Shoot, 1992 Dr. Starzl Office Photo Shoot, 1992 Dr. Starzl and Puzzle People Book, 1992 Dr. Starzl at the University of Texas Presidential Lecture, 2003 Dr. Starzl speaking at the XX International Congress of the Transplantation Society in Vienna, Austria - September 2004 Dr. Starzl and his wife, Joy at his 80th birthday celebration in 2006 with Austin Szegda (transplant 1984) Dr. Starzl with his dogs Jean Blumberg, the widow of Barry Blumberg (Nobel Laureate 1976), Dr. Thomas E. Starzl and Dr. Timothy Block (CEO of the Hepatitis B Foundation), April 11, 2014 Dr. Starzl dancing with his wife, Joy, during the Blumberg Prize Banquet. April 11, 2014 Dr. Starzl with Pirate Pierogie, Jalapeno Hannah, and his wife, Joy, on May 24, 2015 during the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. the New York Mets Game. (4-1)

Dr. Starzl has been appointed to the special faculty rank of Distinguished University Professor of Surgery in the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
Appointment to a distinguished university professorship constitutes the highest honor the University can accord a member of the professoriate. It is a category that honors extraordinary, internationally recognized scholarly attainment.
Prior to this appointment, Dr. Starzl held the rank of Distinguished Service Professor for some 30 years.
Every spring, one of our Key Events is the Thomas E. Starzl Prize in Surgery & Immunology was awarded in May 2016 to David Sutherland.
His principal contributions have been to pancreas transplantation. External Graphic Link Indicator, Link opens in a new tab
On April 29, 2016, Dr. Thomas E. Starzl was awarded 2016 Benjamin Franklin Medal of the American Philosophical Society “for Distinguished Achievement in the Sciences”.
This is the Society’s highest distinction in the category of Science. The medal is given at irregular intervals. The last time was 2006. The recipient, Eric R. Kandel had been a Nobel laureate in 2000. External Graphic Link Indicator, Link opens in a new tabPhotograph of Tom Starzl (right) being presented the Franklin Medal by Society President Clyde Barker (left) and Executive Officer Keith Thomson (center).
Dr. Starzl became 90 years on March 11, 2016, and had 3 over-sized birthday parties!
1) On Friday, March 11, about 300 invited surgeons or scientists who had worked with and were trained by Dr. Starzl came from all over the United States and a large number of foreign countries.
2) On Saturday, March 12, approximately 300 people including ex-Chancellor Mark Nordenberg and Medical School Dean Arthur Levine had a birthday party at Heinz Field that was attended by top city and county officials.
3) On Tuesday, March 22, a reception was held at Montefiore hospital for approximately 400 personnel of all kinds (from physicians and nurses to the janitorial staff).
Dr. Andreas “Andy” Tzakis has been added to the ‘People' page.
Read more about him here.
Video about Dr. Thomas E. Starzl given at the Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons titled, "Giants in Medicine", Chicago, October 2015.
Interview with Dr. Thomas E. Starzl that was part of the XIV International Small Bowel Transplant Symposium. Interview title "Living Legend with Dr. Thomas E. Starzl". Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 2015
On May 20, 2015, John Fung won the Thomas E. Prize in Surgery and Immunology.
John J. Fung, MD, PhD received the 2015 Thomas E. Starzl Prize in Surgery and Immunology.
Plus read Fung's charming message to Terry Mangan, Dr. Starzl's Senior Administrator.
According to Dr. Starzl, the development of the Pittsburgh Transplant Program would not have been possible without Dr. Klaus Bron. External Graphic Link Indicator, Link opens in a new tab
New photos of Dr. Starzl in the Photo Gallery on this page!
Dr. Starzl has won the $20,000 Anthony Cerami Award in Translational Medicine of the journal, Molecular Medicine. External Graphic Link Indicator, Link opens in a new tab
Dr. Thomas E. Starzl's Opening Ceremony Video for the International HPB Symposium “On the Shoulders of Giants” February 6, 2015.
Dr. Starzl's message to Dr. William Wall who is retiring in January of 2015.
Dr. Starzl was the recipient of the Chancellor’s Medal of the University of Pittsburgh, April 27, 2014. This honor has not been awarded for the last 50 years! External Graphic Link Indicator, Link opens in a new tab
Dr. Starzl elected to the National Academy of Sciences, May 13, 2014. External Graphic Link Indicator, Link opens in a new tab
Dr. Starzl elected to the National Academy of Sciences, April 29, 2014. External Graphic Link Indicator, Link opens in a new tab
Dr. Starzl to receive 2014 Baruch S. Blumberg Prize with Photos
2008 Interview of Dr. Starzl, Founding President (1975) of the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS)
Dr. Starzl's opening and closing remarks at the Terasaki Festschrift Conference, January 24-26, 2014
Dr. Starzl's tribute to Dr. Henry T. Bahnson – posthumous recipient of the “Pulse of Pittsburgh” Award of the American Heart Association on November 6, 2013
Dr. Starzl's opening Speech for the 25th Anniversary Liver Transplantation Congress, December 4-6, 2013
Lasker~DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award 2012:Interview with Dr. Thomas E. Starzl. External Graphic Link Indicator, Link opens in a new tab
Dr. Starzl receives the 2012 Lasker~DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award Description. External Graphic Link Indicator, Link opens in a new tab
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