日航機墜落から32年 「慰霊の園」で式典|ニュース 動画 News24h

2017-08-13 07:34:14 | 日記
日航機墜落から32年 「慰霊の園」で式典|ニュース 動画 News24h
32 years since the crash of the Japan Airlines a ceremony at the "Shrine Spirit Park"











Ueno village of Gunma prefecture which was 32 years since the crash of the Nikko Jumbo aircraft that was sacrificed 520 people came, was enveloped in memorial prayers on December 12.

The bereaved families, aiming for 'the ridge of Mokushidaka' early in the morning on the 12th, climbed the mountain path which was muddy on the 11th rain. When we arrived at the place where the 'grave mark' where each family's body was found, and the memorial monument named 'monument of ascension,' slowly hands up and prayed for the repose of the victims.

Also, around 10:30 am, the bereaved families sounded a 'safety bell' and prayed for traffic safety. This year it was a milestone of the thirty-third intersection, which was a mid-day of three consecutive holidays, according to the survivor of 359 families of 97 families, the third most frequent in the past.

The man who lost his uncle 'Once a year, I feel like I can not meet you here'

Male who lost my father 'Because my father could not live, I will go forward I came here to report that I am alive. '

Bereaved family' 8 · 12 Liaison Committee 'Kuniko Miyajima Secretary General' I think that I would like to convey this accident to children in particular '

At 1:00 p.m., Japan Airlines President Yoshiharu Ueki visited the ridge of Mikuhodaka and made flowers. In Japan Airlines, the number of employees who have not experienced accidents is 94% of the total.

Yoshiharu Ueki President 'Our mission engraved this fact firmly into the heart without weakening this accident, we do our utmost to safe shipping in the future'

In the evening, about 10 km from the ridge of Mokushidaka A ceremony took place, with 260 people present at the distant 'Shrine Spirit Zone', related to bereaved families and Japan Airlines. When the sun goes down, the same candle as the number of victims was lit with fire, and a memorial prayer was offered at 6:56 pm when the plane crashed.

Woman who lost his father 'I thought again that it was this time zone. I thought how difficult it was in the dark mountain. Since a series of memorial events was finished, from tomorrow Feeling to work hard '

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