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Walking in the Tama area. (No. 12)

2016-11-01 18:46:21 | ウォーキング

 I walked from Hamura Sta. to Haijima Sta. on the Ome Line with my granddaughter, my son-in-law and my wife on the 25th of September.

We started out from Hamura Sta. at 10:55 in the morning.



First we visited the Zenrin-ji(temple).

 About 700m from the station to the south there is a tomb of the novelist Kaizan Nakazato. 


 Next we walked to the Hamura Zeki (weir) about 300m from the tomb of Kaizan.

Hamura Weir take water from the Tama River to the Tamagawa Aqueduct (Tamagawa-josui).

                                                   The Hamura Weir.



                                 The Statue of the Tamagawa Brothers.    


The Tamagawa-josui was constructed in 1653 to supply drinking water. 

It runs 43 kilometers from the Hamura intake weir to Yotsuya.

 The brothers Shoemon and Seiemon, who lived in Hamura, undertook the construction from the Edo shogunate.     They ran out of funds for the construction midway and sold their house in order to pay for finishing the project.    This difficult undertaking was completed in about a half year.     By this achievement the brothers were allowed to use the surname “Tamagawa”.    They were assigned the role of Tamagawa aqueduct audittors.

          At the Tama River.




                                The Do bridge on the Tamagawa Aqueduct.


 We walked along the Tamagawa Aqueduct.



      White cluster amaryllis.                        Red cluster amaryllis.


        Tamagawa Aqueduct.


                                                     The Tamura Sake Brewery.

Tama River.


Ushihama Totsu mark monument in Tama River Central Park.



We are here 50km from the sea.

The Mutsumi bridge on the Tama River.


We arrived at Haijima Station at 2:30 in the afternoon.

    But there weren't the any restaurants around the station.

 So, we went to Tachikawa to eat and drink beer.




The number of steps we walked today was 20,660 steps.

                                                                                                                  That's it.











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