Creating My Future : by Soyokaze

Fabulous Life begin at age 50

at the bus stop

2017-05-28 | welfare

Because of all these timely businesses

I haven’t made much progress on my study yet.


Am I going to be ready to take the exam in July?

Yes, I have to be ready.


I got up one hour early this morning

to study before I start the day.

I am carrying my course materials with me

wherever I go so that  I can  study

for few minutes here and there.

And I was able to read through the theory section

at the bus stop while I was waiting for my next appointment.

“ Start by doing what’s necessary;

then do what’s possible;

and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Thank you, Francis of Assisi

for helping me to create my marvellous life.


my heart is trying to ...

2017-05-27 | welfare

Just to avoid getting worried thinking about

this property situations, I kept moving

and kept myself busy at all time these past few days.


Then the other day, I finally heard my intuition saying,

“ Stop for a moment and clear your mind.

Your heart is trying to say something.”

It was about my attitude towards life,

about my day to day interaction with others,

about my husband and children,

about my career, and more…


I surrender…


I am just going to let the universe handle this situation

because I’ve done my part.

Then immediately I was filled with peace of mind.


“ Something wonderful is about to happen.”


The following day, we’ve got an email from

our lawyer’s office saying that

the vendor has signed the contract.


This is my fabulous life.


a powerful process

2017-05-26 | welfare

One of my respected man, Wayne Dyer

and the woman, Louise Hay often talked about

the power of gratitude.

" Gratitude is a powerful process

for shifting my energy and bringing more

of what I want into my life."


Whenever I feel down and discouraged,

I’ve tried this methods to shift my energy

by being grateful for everything I have.


Then, sure enough more good things

started to happen in my life.


It is simple yet, powerful process.

My marvellous life continues.


in challenging times

2017-05-25 | welfare

It seems that people in Andalucía love to

take things easy and slow.


The vendor’s lawyer was on holiday last week,

and now our lawyer’s secretary is taking some days off.


So we haven’t made much progress on

our property business, it is all up in the air at the moment.

I just have to trust that even in this challenging times,

 the universe only wants what's best for us.


If this property is good for us it will work out.


If it doesn't work out the universe and/or

God got something better for us.




no random meetings in our lives

2017-05-24 | welfare

I believe there are no random meetings in our lives.


I have made many precious friends

over the years through various occasions.


And just the other day, I was waiting on a cue

at the bank a Chinese looking lady had asked me,

“ What is your nationality? You look like an Asian.”


Then we’ve got into talking about our families,

it turned out that we have many things in common,

promised to see each other again

and exchanged our contact numbers.

The briefest encounter can open a door,

or heal a wound, or close a circle that was

started long before my birth.

I am grateful for the each precious encounter

and feeling excited to know how my new relationship

with this Chinese lady would develop in near future.


This is my fabulous life.  


it's an attitude

2017-05-23 | welfare

When I was communicating with a receptionist

at the bank last week, I have to admit that

I’ve got offended by her lazy attitude.

She was chewing gum the whole time,

on top of it she didn’t give me accurate information.


That evening, I thought,

“I am going to let her have it next time.”

But when I woke up this morning,

I have made a right choice.

" Stay calm and act as a mature adult."


After all, I am wise and clever 51 years old

who’s got various experiences than the young receptionist.

Then sure enough, everything went smoothly at the bank this time.


Maturity is not measured by age,

it’s an attitude built by experience.


I won!


when things go wrong

2017-05-22 | welfare

I am learning as I go,

concerning the property business.

I was able to deposit 2% of the total value

of the property to secure it last week.

The next step was to deposit 8% of it

in order to exchange the contract.

So I wrote a check and deposited

to the bank this week without knowing that

it will take 7 to 10 working days to clear.


The ignorant act of mine caused some problems.  

 I was quite discouraged….


But I am getting back up again.

What’s done is done.

I am dusting it off,

focus on what’s right, and keep going.


importance of forgiveness

2017-05-20 | welfare

When I look back upon my life,

I was carrying some bitterness for quite long time

due to what happened in the past.  


But one day, I made a decision to forgive those

who were involved in the incidents,

then my life started to change.

Now that I experienced the importance of forgiveness,

it became easier to forgive people on a day to day basis.

Thank you, Louise Hay.


My life truly is fabulous.


without any insistence

2017-05-19 | welfare

My son has been working at the office part- time

since he was 17 years old.

When he graduated Junior high school,

he decided to work full- time at the office

instead of going to university.


I wanted him to continue study

at university but after all it is his life.

I am learning as a mother that

‘Love is the ability and willingness to allow my children

to be what they choose for themselves

without any insistence that they satisfy me.'


As long as they are happy and being satisfied

in their lives, I am happy also.

Thank you, Wayne Dyer, for the word of wisdom.


good thing take time

2017-05-18 | welfare

We were told by our lawyer that we will be

meeting the vendor and his lawyer on Tuesday

in order to exchange our contracts,

and to set the final day of handing over the property key to us.

But it didn’t happen.


The vendor’s lawyer was away for few days

so, many businesses got behind on their side.

I am so anxious and excited these past few days

because of this big change.


I am learning to be patient and staying calm

as good things take time.


It will happen. We are almost there.

The universe has got my back.

This is my marvellous life.


my favorite chicken salad

2017-05-17 | welfare

This is one of my favourite dish, Chicken salad.


My weekdays are hectic recently,

but I took sometime today to prepare this meal

for my family.


It is so easy to prepare and healthy meal

which we really enjoy eating.

Slice some onion, celery, and carrots, 

put them in a glass bowl.

Sprinkle some salt.

Chop up some cooked chicken thigh or breast

and boiled egg, add them in the same glass bowl.

Add a can of corn, chop up some fresh tomatoes

on top of everything in the glass bowl

as you see it on the photo.

Season them with salt, pepper,apple cider vinegar, and a bit of mayonnaise.

Sprinkle some chopped fresh parsley, that's it.

It’s done.


Yummy, yummy, yummy…


no time for hate, regret or fear

2017-05-16 | welfare

I still have to meet up with certain people

which I don’t particularly like,

which I am having a hard time understanding.


But now that I am more busier loving my life,

I have no time for hate, regret or fear.

I am so happy living my life at the right place,

at the right time, and doing the right thing. This is my fabulous life .


my successful strategy

2017-05-15 | welfare

All these to do list are important to me

and some of them are urgent,

it has a time limit such as…


the paper work for the new property,

my study and research for the training course,

and my regular workloads.


I do not want to just study and work all day.

So I came up with this brilliant strategy.

I would sit and study for 30 to 40 minutes,

then take some time to purge my things

and slowly start packing in order to prepare for

the upcoming move.

Go back to study some more then purge and packing

or take care of paper work out side.


Whatever needs to be done, I will stop everything at 6pm.

Have some simple dinner, take shower,

and watch films that I really enjoy.

All these things are important to me.


I am doing well in life

2017-05-14 | welfare

I have a roof over my head.

I ate three meals today.

I have a good heart.

I wish good for others as well.

We have clean water.

I have someones that cares for me.

I strive to be better.

I have enough and clean clothes.

I have a dream.

I am breathing.


I am doing so well in life, very grateful.



the energy of abundance

2017-05-13 | welfare

Sometimes I do worry about our finance situation.

So I often remind myself and affirm,

" Money comes to me easily and effortlessly."

" My actions create constant prosperity"

" I am aligned with the energy of abundance."