Creating My Future : by Soyokaze

Fabulous Life begins at age 50

remove from our life

2018-01-23 | welfare

My group fitness classes

and private classes have started.

And the schedule

for the next training course is set.

I still want to work on

the refurbishment of our new flat,

contact this couple for lunch appointment,

tax related paper work.....

It feels like too many things

for me to handle at the same time.

I have to declutter in order to improve my life. 


By getting rid of some of my physical items

helps me to see things

and my current situation more clearly.

I was able to give away some of my clothes

and my husband's, tall vase,

travel carrier bag etc...

It feels so much better to remove the clutter

from our living space and our life.


We are creating our fabulous life.


Foot prints in the sand

2018-01-21 | music

Many incidents are

still happening in my life.

But I know who's walking

besides me at all times.

I don't need to fear nor doubt.


This is one of my favorite song,

" Footprints in the sand"

I've listened to this song so many times,

yet, I still get tearful eyes

when I dance to the song.


despite the noise and haste

2018-01-19 | welfare

Despite the noise and haste

that can surround us,

there remains a place of peace within

that is always available.

When I close my eyes

and focus on my breathing,

I find what's important and what isn't,

and able to see the obstacle as an opportunity.



I was born to create and contribute.

As I become more remarkable

it's likely that some people won't like me.

That's the fact.

And my life is still fabulous.


my first top down sweater

2018-01-17 | my creations

I have started to knit

my first top-down sweater.

It has been my heart desire for awhile

to design and knit my own sweater,

and with dear Karen Templer's fabulous instruction

I may be able to do so in near future.

This is my basic raglan sweater which I started.



I have calculated my desired stitch counts

according to Karen's instruction

and coming out perfectry so far.


Thank you, Karen.

My life is becoming more and more marvelous.


not to surrender

2018-01-15 | welfare

I am 52 years old,

I feel much stronger mentally

and emotionally than the time

I was in my 40's.

My strength does not come from winning.



My past struggles developed my strengths.

I went through hardships

and decided not to surrender,

that gave me the strength.

Life doesn't happen to me,

it happens for me.

My mind and body are in perfect balance.

I am creating a fabulous life.



what I do makes a difference

2018-01-14 | welfare

Many people seem to suffered of flu

over Christmas and still in the process of recuperating.

Even so, majority of them have made an effort

to participate in my exercise classes last week,

in order to keep striving for greater fitness.

" What I do and say makes a difference

       in people's every day lives."



That makes me want to put my wholeheart

in to everything I do and say.

I am inperfect and vulnerable

but that doesn't change the truth

that I am also brave and worthy of belonging.

We are creating our fabulous lives together.


no one is perfect

2018-01-13 | welfare

I am having a hard time accepting

some people's careless and impatient attitude,

especially people who's got power and authority

to influence others around them.

I had countless confrontation

with them in the past.

And it came to the point that

I would just avoid and ignore them in recent years.

But that's seems not right....

What I have to do is to accept the fact

that " no one in this world is perfect".




I can still express my disagreement

while remaining respectful.

Have I got the ability to do so?

Yes, I have.

It's the sign of true maturity.

I am creating a marvelous life.


always be at my best

2018-01-11 | welfare

 Few days ago,

my husband and I had a lunch with someone

who was about to come down with flu.

My husband woke up with headache

the next morning,

I started to feel headache and discomfort

in my abdomen by lunch time. 

So we had a slow day,

and the following day,

keeping our work to minimum as possible,

had some fresh ginger tea,

quiet time knitting which I enjoy very much,

and went to bed early.



Now, I'm feeling much better,

getting ready to work at my best again.

" In every challenge I face,

I always like to be at my best.

I am finding delight in what I do.

I am learning to value my efforts

more than everyone's expectations." 

I am creating a fabulous life.


she is in control

2018-01-09 | welfare

My youngest daughter has gone back

to England few days ago.

While she was here with us this time,

she made a big decision

that would change her life.

" The day we take full responsibility

for our happiness and our choices

is the day we become empowered.



From then on, no one else is to blame,

but no one can control our peace again."

She has made a right choice,

and I am very proud of her.

She is my daughter.


with a whole heart

2018-01-07 | welfare

Our holiday is over.

My husband and my son

have started to work already.

My youngest daughter is taking the plane

back today to England.

I am going back to work starting tomorrow.


My wish is for each one of us

to keep living our lives to the fullest,

with a whole heart, without feeling the need

for anyone else's approval.

Happiness is

' feeling good about ourselves.'

We are creating our fabulous lives together.


lavender color with sparkle flower

2018-01-05 | my favorite things

I have tried various agenda notebooks

these past few years,

 big one, small one, thick one, thin one.

I am going back to this small one

this year, that fit in the palm of my hand.

I love these sparkle flower.

It looks like blue on this photo

but it actually my favorite lavender color.



I am getting rid of many things,

and surrounding myself with things I love.

I am creating a fabulous life.


the grain of sand

2018-01-04 | welfare

Every thought that I think

at this very moment counts.

It just doesn't work

if I am in a state of imbalance,

complaining, living anxious,

or expecting the worse.

" It isn't the mountain ahead

that wears me out,

it's the grain of sand in my shoe."



We first make the change in our minds,

and then life responds to us accordingly.

Yes, that's how it works!

Today, I am going to do

what makes my soul happy.

I am creating a fabulous life.


the fire inside me

2018-01-03 | welfare

Once I was betrayed to,

lied to, and looked down on...

But I survived because

the fire inside me burned brighter

than the fire around me.



I realized that it's better to walk alone

than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.

I stay true to myself.

I do not let what someone says

and do distract me from my goals.

I am creating a marvelous life.


my happiness is a priority

2018-01-02 | welfare

I spent many years living for my children

and for my husband.

It won't change that from now on.

I will continue to care for them.

And this coming March,

my youngest child is going to be 21 years old.

Now, I will make my happiness a priority.



It's not selfish to love myself,

to take care of myself,

to spent more time painting, knitting, sewing,

and strolling in beautiful sunny day

till my heart's content.

 Greatest gift I can give to my family is

a happy mother and a happy wife.

We are creating our marvelous lives together.


Thank you

2017-12-31 | about me

I went through many changes

these past few years.

I thought I was living fine,

then one day everything crumbled.

It came to the point that I couldn't even figure out

how to pick up those pieces any more.

That was the time I have started this blog,

' Creating my Future'.

 I wanted to read someting positive

first thing in the morning

before I getting out of bed,

and right before I fall asleep at night.

So I started to write this blog for me

to stay positive and gain daily strength.



And nevertheless, many people has started

to read this blog and some even left me

heart warming comments.

Thank you, everyone.

Now, my self esteem is high

because I found myself again,

and I honor who I am.

I hope we can continue to create

our fabulous lives together.

I wish you all a happy new year!